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Trainee RO,s   Port of London 1968

Trainee RO,s Port of London 1968

Trainee ROs from Barking College on a weeks sea going training. Can anyone identify the Dock or know the small training ship that operated from it.? All I can remember it had lines that resembled a trawler and had an old reciprecating engine. Any names would also be appreciated.

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The ship would undoubtedly have been Glen Strathallan the training ship of King Edward VII Nautical College. She now resides at the bottom of Plymouth Sound and is used by Plymouth University to study the deterioration of wrecks. Plenty of photos of the old girl can be found on this site.

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Sea going training for trainee sparkies!(EEK)
When I went to Hull Tech I don't think anyone had the slightest idea what we were letting ourselves in for.
Such an idea might have reduced the class size somewhat. (LOL)

I used to have a jacket like that. Aah! The 60s. Don't remember a thing![=P]

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and not a mop top amoung them.

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Her engines are, or were, in the Science Museum in South Kensington.

At Norwood Tech in 1968/9 we were planned to go on board for week's trip, but she was condemmned before we were able to go. Weren't we lucky !!!

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