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The former Shaw Savill Line cargo liner MAJESTIC in the process of being transformed into the New Zealand Line vessel NZ AORANGI at Wellington in August 1974.She was only in New Zealand Line fleet until 1978 when the NEW ZEALAND PACIFIC was introduced. Shaw Savill & Albion Line held a 24.9 % share holding in the new shipping company.
The NZ WAITANGI and NZ AORANGI became the pride and joy of the NZ Merchant Navy but sadly the Shipping Corporation as the company was later known wasn't to last and failed in 1989.

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Sailed on the Majestic in 1973 as 2EO - a so-called honeymoon trip as I was just married and had my wife with me. Had a great trip, there were three other wives on board (wives at sea was just taking off then) two months on the Kiwi coast, great parties, from Auckland down to Bluff, ending up in Timeru waiting for 'the kill' of the new season lamb. Loved every minute of it! Sadly a way of life long gone, and not for the better either.

Arrived back in the UK on Christmas Eve, after a fire on the way back in the engine room which knocked out both port alternators. We had problems with the two starboard alternators as well and could only run them at 3/4 load so for the last 10 days we were quite short on power! Interestingly, we were just outside the Caribbean I think when it happened and put out a distress call (about two in the morning) and although we hadn't seen another ship for days something like over 20 replied, some within only a few hours sailing away.

There can only have been one more trip for her with Shaw Saville before she was transferred to the New Zealand Line. A fine ship, good engine room with a lovely Sulzer main engine although her Paxman diesel alternators were a pain, very comfortable and she was a good looking ship too. Sad that the likes of her have gone, never to return.

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