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Tregothnan (I)

Tregothnan (I)


This 3 cylinder steam merchant was launched on 12 March 1903 by J Readhead and Sons, South Shields for The Hain Steamship Co. Ltd. She served the company well for 20 years before being sold to Strick Line Ltd. in August 1923. They transferred her to the Dwina Ltd., London in 1926 and then sold her to S.A.M. Killingbeck, Egypt two years later. In 1935 she gained Greek owners and four years later she was operated by Palestine Transport and Shipping Co. Ltd., Palestine and gained her first change of name when she was traded as Haifa Trader.
In 1941 she was sold to Irish Shipping Ltd., Eire and renamed Irish Larch, and as this she traded for them until 1949 when she was sold to the Middle East again. This time her owner was Turkish and renamed her Sabah. She then had several different Turkish owners and was renamed Kervan in 1958.
This old girl was seeing out her last days when she was sold to Fratelli Cosulich, Italy in 1961 and arrived at Trieste on 27 July 1961 where she was broken up at the grand old age of 58 years.

Photograph belongs to Stuart Smith.
Photographer unknown.
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