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Tynebank (charter)

Tynebank (charter)

Tynebank (charter)
Built: 1979 Howaldtswerke-DW, Kiel
Tonnage: 8,193gt
1979: Launched as Sandra Wesch
1979: Tynebank
1980: Sandra Wesch
1981: Ville de Sandra
1982: Sandra Wesch
1986: Adrian
1987: Maersk Marco
1989: Maersk Santo
1991: Adrian
1992: Nacional Vitoria
1992: Adrian
1992: Maersk Med Primo
1993: Adrian
1996: Sea Ranger
1998: ATL Ranger
1999: GGE Ranger
2001: SITC Osaka
2003: Yong Yue No 6
2006: Challenger III
2006: Yara
2007: Broken up, Alang.

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"Tynebank" (Time Chartered 1979 - 1980)
One of a series of vessels brought in under time charter to develop the Bank Line's venture in a container service from the Continent/UK to and from Nassau and the U.S. Gulf. The service was fortnightly with the additional participation of the positioning voyages of "Copra Boats" returning to the U.S. Gulf to load outwards for Australasia.
Copra Boats returning to the Continent/UK from the Pacific Islands would occasionally call at San Francisco and Houston and/or New Orleans homeward bound and provide additional sailings back to Europe along with the time chartered ships but slotting in of sailings over such a long outer loop (Europe-Gulf-NZ-Australia-Pacific Islands-San Francisco-Gulf Europe) with the smaller inner loop (Europe-Nassau-Gulf-Europe) proved difficult.

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