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She has surrendered and been abandoned after being forced to the surface by depth charging by USCG Spencer while acting as contact-keeper on Convoy HX 233.

Note the US crewman onboard near the conning tower.

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Today's set are from a collection of 16 x 20 inch prints purchased many years ago at an auction in Invercargill.

All had little detail except - U Boat sinking.

A little detective work and I was able to identify the submarine as this photo appears in Navies of WW2 - German Submarines 1

The U-Boat website plus help from Rohwer's and Terraine's books filled in the detail.

Less than a month after her sinking the Second Battle of the Atlantic was over with Convoy ONS 5 the last convoy to lose more than five ships to the end of WW2. However Donitz still carried on and tied down large numbers of Allied escorts and aircraft to the bitter end.

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The attack on HX-233 was to be carried out by 7 U-Boats on passage U-175,U-628,U-226,U-358,U-264,U-382 and U-614 plus the first contact keeper U-262, she had made contact 15/4/1943 but was driven off 16/4/1943.
U-175 made contact during night of 16/4/1943 but was located by HF/DF and depth charged to the surface by USCG Spencer and sunk by gunfire.
U-382 and U-628 close the convoy and U-628 torpedoes one ship which is later sunk by U-226.
These three submarines survive lengthy depth charging by the Home fleet destroyers Offa,Oribi,Penn and Panther sent to reinforce the convoy's escort of USCG Spencer and Duane, destroyer Skeena and five Flower class corvettes.

The other U-Boats fail to engage and the attack is called off 18/4/1943.

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