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U-534 at Birkenhead 13 Feb 2008

U-534 at Birkenhead 13 Feb 2008

  • Ian
The raised U-boat U-534 at Birkenhead 13 Feb 2008. She has since been cut into 5 sections and is currently being transported, a section each day, to Birkenhead Woodside Ferry where she will become an attraction. The history and nostalgia of the vessel was destroyed when the out-of-touch powers that be had her bomb-damage repaired and her conning tower rebuilt. When originally raised, she was the perfect example of a war-torn, battered submarine. Now she has had a coat of paint to disguise the many years of rust and decay gained during fifty years on the ocean bottom. What a stupid, stupid decision? I will post some pictures of her soon with the original bomb damage.

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Hi Bert,
The conning tower was built to original Kriegsmarine plans. It was built on a "minimum" basis, simply to make the sub more identifiable. Indeed, it was built with rusty plate to "blend in" with the rest of the ravaged hull and bore/bears a plate attesting to this reconstruction. As to the paint, well I am not in agreement with that decision. I would have thought some sort of varnish to encapsulate the steel work would have been better. I read an article the other day that she is to be cut into four pieces. On the brighter side, maybe it will attract more people to the ferries and ensure their continued running!

Best regards,
Dave R.

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