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U S S Glacier

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USS Glacier was one of 45 Bogue-class escort carriers commissioned during World War II, a class which were constructed on standard C-3 cargo ship hulls. Built in 1942, USS Glacier was transferred to the Royal Navy in 1943 and renamed HMS Atheling. In a rare instance of "turning swords into plowshares", this aircraft carrier was converted back into a cargo ship after the war, and operated as SS Roma. She was finally scrapped in 1967.

Variously known as "Jeep Carriers" and "Woolworth Carriers", the contribution towards winning the war made by these slow, inexpensive and unglamorous warships, and the crews who manned them, cannot be overemphasized. With the cost of new aircraft carriers escalating ever higher, it is entirely possible that ships of this sort may come back again.

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good day klaatus83. just read your thread u.s.s glacier.they were great minni carriers.(just another name)sat 23feb.13 23:15 i was on the h.m.s.patroller.& the h.m.s.reaper.they went back to u,s, at war.s end and became fine looking.passenger cargo ships.they lasted about 20 years.nice thread.thanks for the memory;s dont look much,but did a great job.

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