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Unidentified in Suez Canal

Unidentified in Suez Canal

An unidentified vessel in what appear to be British India colors seen transiting the Suez Canal in a vintage postcard view.

The overall appearance of the ship seems very similar to BIAS's TAROBA and TARA of 1888/1890, except that it's missing the foremast yards I'm assuming both vessels carried through their entire, short careers until being sold to Cia Trasatlantica.

There appears to be a rather long name on the stern, provided in the close-up, but it seems illegible.

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Hi Fairlane 500. Agree, "Tara" and "Taroba" the closest match among BI ships for hull and deck detail. Although the rig is 'schooner' rather than 'brigantine' I think it has to be one of these as Inglis only built two sisters. Design of stern shown here:
("Taroba" as "Leon XIII" scroll down)
What appears to be the long name is most likely the 'Name+Port of Registration' ie "Taroba-Glasgow".
Because of number of letters suspect it might indeed be "Taroba".
These two operated by BI subsidiary Queensland Royal Mail Line sailing Sydney, N. Queensland ports, Java, Colombo, Aden, Suez, Naples, Malta, London.

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