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unknown -- METEOR

unknown -- METEOR

Not my picture,one from a local website.Small cruise ship at the Railway Pier Oban,looks like the 1950s or 60s,a name would be much appreciated gents.

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Not Fred. Olsens (which has never owned or operated this ship) - but belonging to Bergenske Dampskipselskab (BDS). This METEOR (delivered from Aalborg Verft, Denmark in 1954) was, as seen, based on the Hurtigruten ship design from Aalborg Vaerft in early 1950's (like NORDLYS, POLARLYS, and others, as well as the later built NORDSTIERNEN of B+V of Hamburg 1956) - and was an extra ship for either Hurtigruten line Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen or Bergen Line's North Sea line Bergen-Newcastle when needed. Otherwise she made a lots of European Cruises. The METEOR was, as I recall it, always white hull painted. In the 1970's she was sold to pure cruise interests and ended her days as so, as well. Today the extra spare ship for Hurtigruten is the Italian built FRAM, normally used as an exotic and well-designed expedition ship to Arctic and Antarctic destinations. As I remember the new FRAM has NEVER made one single journey on the Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen line (yet!). The METEOR also made so called special Cruises with Hurtigruten/BDS management from mostly Tromsoe up to and around impressive Svalbard islands (former older German and English name was Spitzbergen) with mostly North-American and Continental-European tourists from year to year, now and then. After the METEOR left the fleet, this Svalbard task was often taken over by either HARALD JARL(NFDS) or former older NORDNORGE (ODS).

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Very likely to have been on a National Trust cruise which she regularly did for many years calling at the likes of Oban, Stornoway, st Kilda, Kirkwall Fair Isle & Lerwick. This was then done by Fred Olsen's "Black Prince" and continues today with the "Saga" vessels.

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