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Unknown ship
Snapshot of unknown ship at Lyttelton, c. late 1940's?
Looks like a Canadian 'Park', possibly Union SSCo 'Waikawa'-type? None of the USSCo photos I've got have 2 heavy-lift derricks, nor the funnel cap. Funnel looks to be in the process of repainting, and name on stern might end in a 'c'. 'Waihemo'

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Known as a "VICTORY"type all ening in PARK as built by West Coast SB name on stern looks like ending in a 'K'(pay's your money and take your choice)

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I am certain that you are correct Brent, with it being one of the Union companies ex Park boats, as you say most photos of them only show a forward heavy derrick but in Duncan Haws Merchant fleet series on the USSCo he has got a drawing representing these four ships with a heavy derrick at no 4 hatch as shown in the photo. This may be have been removed later in her Union life. A lot of this type were built with two heavy derricks and signal mast as shown and it cetainly looks like a Union funnel.

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