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I don't know the specific name but she is definitely one of the five C1-B type cargo ships completed for Alcoa Steamship Company early in WW-II. That is undoubtedly Alcoa's markings on the stack and, in addition, the name "Alcoa" is clearly visible on a sign on the dock. The names of the five C1-B cargo ships were Santa Cruz, Alcoa Pioneer, Alcoa Pilgrim, Alcoa Patriot and Alcoa Puritan.

Both Alcoa Puritan and Alcoa Pilgrim were torpedoed and sunk in May 1942. On 19/11/44 Alcoa Pioneer was struck by a Kamikaze while unloading cargo in the Philippines. Although the ship caught fire, and six men were killed and 13 wounded, the remaining crew members saved the ship and she was finally scrapped in 1970.

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As this is a post war picture there were more C1-B operated by the Alcoa Steamship Co.
Most had Alcoa and a word prefixed by P, like Pioneer, Pathfinder and others.
The Santa Cruz was operated by Grace lines (all their ships were prefixed by Santa and mostly had girls names, like Santa Paula)

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