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This should be the Vautour, a French Aigle Class destroyer (contre-torpilleur) of 2441 tons displacement launched in 1930 and scuttled at Toulon in November 1942. The Vautour had a top speed of 40 knots and a range of 4800 km at 18 knots and carried a complement of 220. She was armed with five 5.5 inch guns; four 37 mm anti-aircraft guns; four depth charge throwers and six 21.7 inch torpedo tubes.
At least she is the Vatour according to this website: (Second reproduction of the picture). They also identify the ship at left as transport Champlain.

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Unidentified ships II

Page 3 ; Line 8 ; photo 2.

This is one of the 18 French large destroyers built between 1926 and 1934.
The buildings in the background suggest a major port, but since some of the ships fought at Casablanca, I couldn’t be sure.
The clue came from the left of the picture. Behind the (unidentified) white hull, there is a 10,000 ton cruiser (tripod mainmast, with searchlight positions on the legs, goose neck cranes,) None of these cruisers fought at Casablanca, so it was Toulon
Where there were three.
Two of them (Dupleix and Colbert) were set on fire and spectacularly damaged (mainmast down, cranes collapsed, guns pointing skywards, etc)
Only one remained : Foch, sunk on an even keel, terminally damaged below decks but nothing visible.
I then went into “Le sabordage de la flotte française à Toulon” (The scuttling of the French fleet at Toulon) by Jean-Jacques Antier (Editions de la cite) to find where Foch was and I found her on page 75 & 76, with photographs (from port) of the destroyer on page 77.
This destroyer is the French VAUTOUR (Vulture ; Aigle class)
Vautour was scuttled 27.11.42
Raised 17.1.43
Towed to Quai Noël & Sunk by bombing 4.2.44
Bombed again 29.4.44
Scrapping started 19.5.44; underwater demolition 1951.
Source: Toulon et la Marine 1942-1944; Marc Saibène Marine éditions
The masts on the right hand side belong to a small tug-like ship.
All the best,
Gerard Le Saffre

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