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USNS Waccamaw (T-AO 109)

USNS Waccamaw (T-AO 109)

Photo of a Soviet sailor...
1969-72 ...

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At the date of the photo she would have been USS WACCAMAW. AO109
Reclassified in 1975 as T-AO 109
A Jumboised T3-S2-A3 Mispillion Class Replenishment oiler. or Fleet oiler - (depending on UK or US source books)

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I was one of the original crew on the USNS Waccamaw in 1975, when MSC took her over from the Navy. At that time she was already 30 years old. She was a wreck, and I made a point of getting off her just as soon as I could. It seemed to us as though the Navy crew knew the ship was being transferred to MSC, so they stopped doing any maintenance on her months before. Years later, I found out that, just before being turned over to MSC, they Navy had literally sailed her around the world. No wonder she was in such bad shape! Incredibly, she lasted another 15 years with MSC. This picture was definitely taken before the Navy turned her over to MSC because guns are visible on the decks. All of the guns were removed when MSC took the ship over because MSC ships are crewed by civilians, and therefore are not permitted to carry guns.
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