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USS John C. Stennis

USS John C. Stennis

For personal reasons, my favourite US carrier, an a good pilots eye view.

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Great view of the carrier from the point of view of the aircraft while landing.

I can understand naming ships after distinguished naval heroes, but I was never in favor of this new trend of naming capital ships after prominent politicians. To foreigners it sounds, at best, prosaic. To Americans it can often be laden with other connotations. In this case, it was simply because Senator Stennis happened to be the long-time head of the Senate Armed Services Committee, which controls military appropriations. However, he was also an ardent supporter of racial segregation (what they called "Apartheid" in South Africa), who voted against the Civil Rights Act and opposed the establishment of Martin Luther King's Birthday as a national holiday, so I don't imagine this is a particularly popular ship among African-American sailors.

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