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DD373 USS Shaw
Mahan class destroyer
Builder : Philadelphia Navy Yard
Laid down : 10/1934
Launched : 28/10/1935
Completed : 9/1936
She was n the Hawaiian area mid-February 1941, USS Shaw operated in those waters until November when she entered the Navy Yard at Pearl Harbour for repairs, drydocking in YFD-3.
On 7 December USS Shaw was still drydocked. During the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour , she took three hits: two bombs through the forward machine gun platform, and one through the port wing of the bridge. Fires spread through the ship. By 0925, all fire fighting facilities were exhausted, and the order to abandon ship was given. Efforts to flood the dock were only partially successful; and, shortly after 0930, her forward magazine exploded.
Follow the following link for damage report and her wartime history
USS Shaw (DD-373) Action Report

Stricken : 10/1945
Broken up : 1946

While still at the design stage Farragut class destroyers were criticised by USN chief staff for insufficient, from their point of view, torpedo armament. At discussion on the General Board about requirements to new destroyers which will be built under the FY1933 programme, the judgement of supporters of strengthening of torpedo armament has prevailed, and it was offered to prepare the design with 12 TTs. Soon a sketch design with 4 triple TT banks, arranged aside, and 5 single 127/38 SP guns, was ready. Last cir***stance has called the sharp criticism from the chief of Department of Naval operations (analogue of HQ chief) and this design has been turned down.
In March, 1933 the new compromise variant was ready. By insignificant increase in a hull breadth and re-planning of an armament arrangement (main gun No3 was transferred to aft superstructure, and two of three TTs have placed aside behind aft funnel) it was possible to achieve desirable result, however wider hull conducted to speed decrease that was considered as unacceptable. The way out has been found by Gibbs and Сох Co., developed the compact machinery with sufficient high-pressure boilers and first-ever (on destroyers) double-reduction geared turbines. Though new machinery was appeared almost on 30t more heavy, than on Farragut class, it was on some thousands hp more powerful and much more sufficient: with 50t less fuel stowage Mahan had the same endurance as Farragut.

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