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USS VIRGINIA sailing for Mexico

USS VIRGINIA sailing for Mexico

Photo from the collection of the Library of Congress.
It is indicated on the website for the photo: "No known restrictions on publication" so I assume the photo is now on Public Domain.

More information on the USS VIRGINIA here:

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Another great shot personnel wise - immagine the security implications of this crowd next to a major warship today!!

Lead ship in the Five strong Virginnia class, Virginia BB14, Nebraska BB14, Geaorgia BB15, New Jersey BB16 and Rhode Island 17
Virginia was built by Newport News, Shipbuilding, Newport News VA., Laid down 21st May 1902 and Launched 05th April 1904 she Commissioned 07th May 1906.
Decommissioned August 13 1920. and deleted 12th July 1922.
Transfered to War Department, 06th August 1923 for target duties.
Fate: Sunk as target by Army Air Corps off Diamond Shoals, North Carolina, 05th September 1923.

L 441' 3" B 76' 3" Dr 26' Disp 14,948 Tons
Armament: Four 12"C40 in two twin turrets, one fwd one aft. Eight 8" C45 two forward and aft in superimosed twin turrets and two in twin mouts on either beam, twelve 6" C50 in single casemates and twelve 3"C50 also in case mates also four submerged 21" torpedo tubes
Armor, 11" Belt, 12" Turrets, 3" Decks, 9" Conning Tower. 2 vertical, inverted, triple expansion engines, Machinery, developing 19,000 IHP Twin screws
Speed, 19 Knots, Crew 812

Fitting what was virtually two different calibres on main armament ( 12 inch and 8 inch) was not a good idea, it confused spotting the fall of shot and thus correcting the guns.
She was the fourth ship to carry the name virginia, initially she was sent to Havana in case of an uprising in late 1906 ( gun boat diplomacy). In late 1907 she was part of the USN's cruise arround the world 'The Great White Fleet' -essentially more gunboat diplomacy to shake a stick at the Japanese ( they obviously learned something from this).

Following this she spent four months at Norfolk navy yard under repair followed by a cruise to Europe
In 1913 unrest in mexico caused the USN to send many ships to thoose waters including the Virginia, she spent Feb and march of that year at Tampico then shifted to vera Cruz. Another spell of Cuba followed and inmay 1914 she returned to accupy the port of Vera Cruz. When the USA entered WW1 Virginia.s crew helped seize German merchantmen in US ports. Towrds the end of WW1 she covered returning troop convoys after this she did little until decommisioning as a target ship.

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