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Veerhaven VII

Veerhaven VII

At Dordrecht on Tuesday. Following were taken on a 3-day river cruise in Holland earlier this week, unfortunately weather not too good.
Ruud it was Slecht Weer!

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PS we lived in one of the houses just behind the wheelhouse at Zwindrecht for nearly four years, as was overlooking the junction of Oud Maas, Noord and Beneden Merwerde waterways you can imagine most of my meals were taken on our balcony. This shot was taken from our cruiseboat moored just along the Bellvue Hotel at Dordrecht

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Yep bad weather over here,but we've been indulged already the last 40 days with summer temps.
I knew that Bellevue quite well,as I lived in the old center of Dordt for some time,after my divorce.
Yeah you must have been a lucky guy, living close to that waters,I wouldn't go out,all day on the balcony,still looking for a place like that.
But I hope despite the bad weather conditions, you enjoyed your staying here,but as you'll have noticed that times are changed.Not more like in the old days where you enjoyed a trip like you did,or am I'm going too old,anyway the pleasure to go ashore isn't anymore what it once was, in my opinion?

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