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Veinticinco de Mayo

Veinticinco de Mayo

Ex-British “Colossus” Class Aircraft Carrier
V2 built Cammell Lairds Birkenhead
Laid down 3 Dec 1942
Launched 30 Dec 1943
Commissioned 17 Jan 1945

Bought from UK 01 April 1948 by Dutch, and , commissioned in the Royal Netherlands Navy
28 May 1948

Damaged by boiler fire 29 April 1968
Sold to Argentina on 15 October 1968 and refitted by Wilton Fijenoord Rotterdam.
Commissioned in the Argentine Navy on 12 Mar 1969
Refit complete 22 Aug 1969
Sailed for Argentina 01 Sept 1969

Differing in appearance from her former self, with modified island superstructure, and bridge lattice tripod radar mast and tall raked funnel.

Here photographed alongside at the Wilton Fijenoord yard in October 1968

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An interesting image, it appears she is a 'dead ship', funnel blanked, no crew visible nor any cooling or water machinery discharges, also weapons cocooned.

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