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After a long insomnia night spent watching 3 some movies, I remembered that today both VENTURA and COSTA MAGICA would call Lisbon. Went to the Port Authority website and... VENTURA was already in the approximation zone (meaning, she was already aligned to enter the Tagus Bar... this is, she was already visible from my room window) and there she was.
I took her many photos, all lighted up, but the environment light was very poor (after all, it was 6:30 am) and this is the best record I made of her today. She's still in port now, due to depart within a hour or so, but I probably won't spot her again.

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Hey Pedro, Insomnia = unable to sleep : 3 X Movies = self induced tiredness.
Turn the TV off next time and you won't stay up the whole night long....(Jester)
Good photos though, so I suppose your loss ( of sleep) is our gain!
Obrigado, Rick

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This is chronic. From time to time I suffer of this "illness" and just can't sleep. I'm still to find out what's the cause of this... but it surely wasn't the TV... erm, the PC, since I don't have a TV set on my room. (Jester) I went to bed, as usual, and gave myself turns in bed for over two hours, and finally gave up. Turned the PC on and there I stood. I even made myself some popcorn... hehe!
Glad you liked the photo. As I said to a colleague of mine, it was worth enough to see her enter the bar all lighted up, an unusual sight for me. I gave the photo some treatment on photoshop, otherwise it would be much darker... (Thumb)
btw, Rick, I sent you an e-mail some days ago. Heve you read it?

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A chap on my table aboard Aurora is aboard Ventura at the moment.


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