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Vertrep, lub oil drums.  Br Wye

Vertrep, lub oil drums. Br Wye

1982 S Atlantic. On completion of full cargo discharge to RFA tankers we moved to main battle group to transfer oil drums carried as deck cargo. In background are two other ships doing RAS

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Fine series of shots Sanddancer ,
this one in particular has lots of action !
From the profile, I am 99% sure, the tanker fine on your port bow is the Shell tanker " Eburna", of 1979 . She was the only STUFT Shell vessel during the Falklands conflict.


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You could be correct in that, I searched for 'Eburna' and came up with this;
The configuration of large, square accommodation block, shape of funnel and shape and position of masts seem similar.

Also seen in this photo is an electrical wandering lead lamp extention cable running along the flying bridge to the manifold area. As you are well aware this type of rig up is totally illegal and dangerous, but in a war situation, when a light was wanted to line up for RAS we couldn't get a shipyard to fix in that sea area, so the requirements of operation in that situation overcame normal safety. I think this also covers the transit of the Harrier squadron on a Mexflote? (It does look like a lock gate though!)

Sorry about the low light conditions though, it was June? in South Atlantic, and I popped out on deck for a quick shot before disapearing into the engineroom.

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