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Viking Sea

Viking Sea

VIKING SEA docked at Funchal, Madeira on 4 April 2018.

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Yes, a crew drill.

I thought the passenger emergency drill on VIKING SEA was a bit odd. There are no lifejackets in the passenger cabins. In an emergency, passengers are to receive lifejackets at their muster stations, from crewmembers. I found myself wondering "What if something happens and I can't GET to my muster station - which was the Saga Theater, wa-a-y down at the bottom of the ship! The chaos aboard COSTA CONCORDIA kept coming to mind...

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That is apparently the current thinking.

The muster station is just that, It is the place where they can safely carry out a full check with the 'guests' inboard and not exposed to the weather.
It is not the point from which one then takes the next stage and prepares to abandon, as in the past.
For drills the idea of not carrying a life jacket is allegedly for safety - people are inclined to bump the furnishings and to trip in the loose webbing, yes I know it shouldn't be loose but it often is.

The life-jacket situation I have not so far encountered but I would guess that the logic is that the deck life-jacket lockers will have to have sufficient for everyone on board and those in the cabin then do not have to be accounted for, checked and serviced etc.
I will need to see what SOLAS says about that....

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IMO 9725421 , Call Signal LAWP7 , Flag Norway International.
Class : Lloyds Register of Shipping.
Ship Type : Cruise Ship.
Dim : Loa / Lpp x Beam - 228.2 / 195.5 x 28.8 mtr.
Passenger Capacity : 930 Guest.
Crew Capacity : 465.
Built in 2016 by Fincantieri Cantieri Navali Italiani S.p.A Ancona Italy as " VIKING SEA " for Hai Xing 1601 Ltd ( Wilhelmsen Ship Management A/S Lysaker/Oslo Norway as manager ) Wooland Hill Ca USA.

Tonnage : grt / nrt / tdw - 47.842 / 18.800 x 4.870.
Main Generator : MAN-B&W 12V32/44CR - 2 x 6.750 kw.
Main Generator : MAN-B&W 9V32/44CR - 2 x 5.040 kw.
Emerg.Gen : 2 x kw.

Propulsion : Diesel Electric - Roll Royce Intergrated rudder / Propulsion System - 2 x 7.250 kw.


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