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Ville de Nantes

Ville de Nantes

From the same roll of film as others I have posted.
Badly deteriorated but some interesting ships
that is why I would like to identify them
with the members help!
Taken in Rotterdam early 70s.
funnel and hull colours as shown.
Thank to Dave Edge.

details from Miramar;
Ville de Nantes; 1959 7130 tgr pt blk wine tanker
bldr; Seine Mar at Le Trait.
72 Kition 74 Athens Sky
fire 37.01N/3.58E 10-3-79
sank 36.43.67N/5.0683E 31-10-79

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The ship is one of those owned by the French company Nouvelle Compagnie Havraise de Navigation which traded to the French Indian Ocean territories and East/South Africa. She looks like the Ville de Nantes completed in 1959 by Ateliers et Chantiers de la Seine Maritime.
Having found another photo of Ville de Nantes I'm not sure this is her but several similar ships came from the same yard including Ville de Djibouti, Ville de Dunkerque and Ville de Rouen - there may have been others.

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Hi Dave....thanks for the lead...there is a great photo of Ville de Rouen
in Merchant Ships world built 1958 (ships built 1957) but she has a large vent
behind the port lifeboat.I have rescanned at an higher resolution and there are
6 letters for the town so your first suggestion is the only one that fits!.
There is a Ville de Guyane which also has six letters but nothing in my LLoyds
Registers or Miramar?.So they are the only two candidates.
Can you recheck the photos please.The others were
Ville de Dunkerque (too many letters) Ville de Rouen (not enough)
I have re-orientated the photo...after uploading it reverts back to the original state???? (POP)
or it did??? I am confused??? has settled down.
hope it stays...(Frogger)


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The reason I thought it may not be Ville de Nantes is that I found a quarter view of her showing bulwarks round the stern which this ship did not appear to have, but looking at the photo again she does appear to have them so probably is Ville de Nantes.

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