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The Portuguese two masts aux. schooner Vitorioso, 30,49m/148,36gt, built in 1889 at Setubal as sailing schooner Flor de Murta for coastal fishing purposes, 71gt, for Virgilio T. Moura, Setubal; 1915 s/name, Luis Godinho, Lisbon; 1931 s/name, Custódia A, Godinho, Lisbon; 1937 s/name, Antonio V. Ramos e Maria E. Ramos; 1940 s/name Eugénio Lopes Rosa, Faro and rebuilt by António Bicha, Faro, with an engine installation;1942 rebuilding; 1943 Vitorioso, Transportes Costeiros Internacionais, Lda, Faro, which converted her in a cargo vessel for its coastal and Morroco traffic, loading cement, salt, dust coal and dry fruits,etc.; 1943 s/name and rebuilt by José Miguel Amaro, Faro; 1967 s/name and owner but converted in lanchão-motor (a kind of auxiliary cuter). The mizzen mast was removed; 1972 besides equipped with radar and a new engine was installed; 1973 s/name and owner, completed 84 years of useful trade and subsquent history unknown.
Seen outbound River Douro, Oporto, on the 20/07/1966, for Alhandra, River Tagus.
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