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Vladivostock- Russian Summer Fleet

Vladivostock- Russian Summer Fleet

The remains of the former Soviet fleet, small and going to sea rarely.

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Actually the TOF is not that small - the IRTYSH is the world's largest purpose built hospital ship, one of four sisters built in Szczecin in PRL in 1980-1981 and 1990-1991. The IRTYSH the youngest in the B 320-class of ships.

The TOF (Pacific Navy) has also a large submarine base located in Kamtchatka - with firepower enough to make sand, ruins and stones of any naval base either in Japan, Guam or Hawaii at any moment - however, luckily the relations between the Russian and American naval powers there today are much closer and more cordial than ever. But there are indeed other hungry and ambitious sharks in the Pacific tank of today...

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