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Type: Cargo Ship
Launched: 23/02/1921
Completed: 05/1921
Builder: William Dobson & Co
Yard: Walker
Yard Number: 217
Dimensions: 4802grt, 2984nrt, 360.0 x 52.0.x 31.5ft
Engines: T3cyl (25, 41 & 69 x 48ins), 401nhp
Engines by: North-Eastern Marine Engineering Co Ltd, Wallsend
Propulsion: 1 x Screw, 10

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Hi Gijhas,
can it be that the date of the recording (1950) is a mistake? To my knowledge, German ships already sailed with the colours: black-red-yellow.

On the photo you can still see the Control Council flag "C" (Charlie) and on the bow the Control Council number.
But this was no longer valid in 1950.
Rgds Jan

Recognition flag for German merchant ships

Officially accepted:
12 November 1946/17 January 1947

For comparison: Signal flag for the letter C
By order of the Allied Control Council in Control Council Law No. 39[1], the international signal flag of the letter "C" with a triangular cutout, the so-called C double stand, was determined on 12 November 1946 as the flag of recognition for German merchant ships. From 17 January 1947, all German ships had to fly this flag in the post-war period (Germany 1945 to 1949). The flag was de facto replaced by the foundations of the two German states in 1949.

The Control Council Act No. 39 Recognition Flag, which all German and formerly German ships subject to Allied control were required to fly, was promulgated on November 12, 1946, came into force two months later, on January 17, 1947, and remained in force until the two German states were founded.
The choice of the colours blue, white and red is based on the theory that they reflect the national colours of the Western Allies, the United States, the United Kingdom and France. Also in the Soviet naval war flag the colours are found, which are also today world-wide the most frequently used in national flags.

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Many thanks for your enquiry Jan and for the explanation. The date must be correct, the vessel was commissioned to Sieg Flensburg on 26th October 1950 and renamed then. This is also the date of the photo given by the photographer Van Dijk.
Any idea about the meaning of the number 6066 beneath the name?

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Is there a register of such numbers?

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