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War Jasper / Comeric

War Jasper / Comeric


An ‘F’ Type Standard ship built by William Doxford and Sons Ltd., Sunderland. The ‘F’ Type ships were among the largest standards constructed and were built by only two builders, Doxford and J. L. Thompson, both of Sunderland. The Doxford ships were given cruiser sterns, the Th

Bank Line ships 1953 to 1968, Apprentice to Master
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"Comeric" is, of course a Bank Line name and followed the customary (at that time) nomenclature of new steamer naming with the suffic '-eric'. She was in the Bank Line fleet from 1919 to 1935 and previoius photographs of the awning spars over the deck aft of the aftermost hatch confirm that the crew was located there rather than in the forecastle which was the norm in Bank Boats of the period.
Interestingly, the "Luceric" built at Doxford's had a counter stern like the Thompson :F: types which demonstrates that not all Doxford-builds had cruiser sterns.
The "Luceric", "Orteric" and "Comeric" built by Doxford in 1919 for the Shipping Controller and taken over by Bank Line do not represent the beginning of the connection between Bank Line and Doxford's that was to be manifested in the 1930s and would be paramount from 1957. The honor of 'first' must go to "Gifford" built in 1913 for Gifford Ltd (Andrew Weir managers) and interned in Germany at the outbreak of the First World War. Not a promising start!

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Stuart, some info I have found suggests that on April 9th 1938 (en route Amsterdam to Panama City as you said above) during heavy weather, there was an internal explosion and she broke apart. It seems that both the fore and aft sections remained afloat. Unfortunately, 4 of the crew of 31 drowned during rescue operations. One of those was the wireless operator who had earlier managed to rig a temporary aerial. Apparently, the wreck was still afloat 11 days later. She was owned by the Kulukundis Shipping Co at the time.

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