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A corner of Westport, New Zealand, with the dredge Kawatiri alongside. I'm not sure just which part of the harbour this is, it was taken some years ago, but I'm sure Barnsey does.

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Oh very nice Dave ....I suppose you want me to cough all my history eh?

This is the "Floating Basin" which Sir John Coode designed so that vessels could load out of the rivers influence. Don't forget the coasters of his days were the size of Kawaitir. I do not lay claim to changing the Kawatiri from MoT green to red but ... I did get the wireless mast taken down, one look at where the feet entered the concrete base was enough to tell me when the cobs of rust fell off so would the mast...I do own up to concreting 2/3rds of the wharf deck and moving the whole harbour office astern 1 length so that the front is now where the back is in this photo and lined it up fore and aft with the edge of the wharf on new concrete fondations.

When we uncovered the concrete base for that wireless mast we had some trepidation as to how in the hell we were going to break it up as it was in the way. They got a hydraulic 'Dibble' on the end of a digger and the base was smashed to smithereens very easily as there was no reinforcing of any note .... she'll be right I guess ... thank goodness.

The Coles crane has now gone as has the Westfleet Ice Plant.

I will now post some relevant photos to go with this and the Clipper Odyssey photos I see you have posted ... you aren't the only one to Pilot her !!

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