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What ship and where?

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Is it just the perspective, but her back looks like its broken.

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She is the Texas. She does look crippled but it may be because it is a a digital photo of a print I took years ago.

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The New york and Texas were sister ships( New York Class - bb's 34 & 35), the New York was sunk as a target post war, the Texas was repreived from serving in this capacity and was given to the good folks of her home state, she is Now at San Jacinto memorial park just outside Houston Texas.
To anyone who wants to see an example of a WW1/2 battleship she is a great day out - if only the hard hearted British goverment has preserved the Warspite!!!!
I will post a better shot from my visit to the old lady, most areas on the ship are open to the public except the shell rooms - they are waiting for the money to use a laser cutter to make safe access doors through the 14 inches of armoured steel plate that protect them, current access is, as in her navy days, via tortuous vertical ladders and trunks

Steve W

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