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Nice and quite rare picture of the 'lead' ship of the Raubtier ( predator) class of torpedo boats sometimes referred to as the Wolf class : Wolf. Iltis, Jaguar, Leopard, Luchs and Tiger, another name for the class was the type 24 or 1924 type torpedo boat.
These six ships were all built by the Reichsmarinewerft at Wilhelmshaven, Wolf was laid down on the o8th March 1927, launched on the 12th October 1927 and commissioned on the 15th November 1928
and lost to a mine off Dunkirk on the 08th Jan 1941, none of the class survived WW2.
They were not bad ships but were a little under-gunned as they did not recieve the weapons they were designed for, the 127mm (5") guns not being available they were fitted with 105mm guns instead.
L 92.60 B 8.65 Draft 3,52 mts Disp 933 tons standard and 1320 tons full load
Twin screws, geared Brown Boverie steam turbines, three navy type O/F boilers, 25,200 shp 34.5 knots
Armament : three 105mm SK C28 guns in single shielded mounts, one fwds and two in superfiring mounts aft. AA defences were initially just two 20mm Oerlikons but by WW2 these were increased to 7 guns.
Two sets of tripple 50omm torpedo tubes were initially fitted but in the very early 1930's these were ugraded by newer 533 mm types.
They were also fitted with four depth charge throwers and could also carry up to 30 mines

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