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Wolrds largest - MSC Danit

Wolrds largest - MSC Danit

Claimed to be the worlds largest container ship by declared capacity at the moment.
At anchor off Kwangyang on 08/03/2009, just after completion by Daewoo Shipbuilding, Okpo (4135), a near sister ship to the 'MSC Beatrice' but there are design differences between the two shipyards ( the other being Samsung) designs for this size/class of ship.
Built 2009, 151,599 g.t., 165,300 dwt. and 14,028 teu.
Now loading at Yantian, China for maiden voyage to Europe.
regards, Rick

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Dear Patalavaca, do you know what the differences are between MSC Daniela/Beatrice and this ship? Are they all meant to be of the same class, or is MSC Danit the same as MSC Sola/Ivana?

Thank you for bringing us into the 21st Century.

With best wishes, Terry (Caravellarella)

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Hi Terry, I don't know the precise answers as MSC's naming and order book is rather confusing. Some ships appear to have had amended dimensions after the orders were placed.
It would appear that the '14.000' teu class - some ships under this figure at 13,800 and some over at 14,028 ,further cloud the issues.
The 'Solana' / 'Ivana' class are of a different design with conventional accomodation two thirds aft and, in terms of capacity, are 131,000 g.t. and 11,660 teu - so quite a bit less than the 'Daniela' class.
The below list is of of MSC newbuildings, some just delivered and some yet to be built.
All the below named ships are currently shown as being of 14,000 teu
MSC Beatrice 9399014 – Samsung (1709)
MSC Bettina 9399026 – Samsung (1710)
MSC Camille 9404651 – Daewoo (4136)
MSC Daniela 9399002 – Samsung (1708)
MSC Danit 9404649 – Daewoo (4135)
MSC Emanuela 9399052 – Samsung (1713)
MSC Eva 9401130 – Samsung (1714)
MSC Gaia 9401142 – Samsung (1715)
MSC Irene 9399038 – Samsung (1711)
MSC Kalina 9399040 – Samsung (1712)
MSC Melatilde 9404675 – Daewoo (4138)
MSC Paloma 9441001 – Daewoo (4139)
MSC Sonia 9404663 – Daewoo (4137)
Regards, Rick

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