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XSV Loyal Chancellor and XSV Loyal Moderator

XSV Loyal Chancellor and XSV Loyal Moderator

Loyal Chancellor and Loyal Moderator were 2 Loyal Class Fleet Tenders operated by the RNXS (Royal Naval Auxiliary Service - manned mainly by volunteers) who's task was to protect ports and harbours and help with the dispersal of shipping in case of nuclear attack.

The RNXS was disbanded in 1994 but I believe these vessels are still going in private hands see:

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The "protection" was against Spetnaz Frogmen, this being done by towing a barbed wire fence between two of these vessel's (I kid you not) a Role later designated to the P200 Class which could also mount a LMG

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These craft were sold off at a ridiculously cheap price in the 80s, but sell for decent money even today - my father often lamented on the fact that he'd never bought one.

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Irionic that this photo of Loyal Chancellor taken in Falmouth 1980's, yet today 2011 Loyal Chancellor is now in private hands 1 mile away in a Penryn Boatyard, also remaining in very good condition!

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