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candpet 26th June 2008 11:43

hi tom

did you get my message asking for your e.mail address which ive somehow lost.
thanks albie,trouble is i thinking im shrinking!!!!

Nigel Price 18th July 2008 13:03

Kuwait Shipping
Sailed with Peter Martin on the ship that picked up the Vietnamese boat people. My wife was with me on this trip so she was busy. The ship Al Ahmadiah, large Russian, had been converted into a cadet ship so we were pretty full when they came on board. They were given the crews mess and despite being wothout water for three days set to, to clean the mess. They put the Pakastani crew to shame with their hygene and cleanliness. We were short of food when we got to Japan, and they were not allowed ashore untill Kuwait guarrenteed domicile so we were headline news where ever we went around japan. There were about 35 children with us and they were mesmerised with the toys and presents the Japanese gave to them. Very quick learners, shewed them how to play chess and they were beating everyone. Lovely people.
Plenty of shippers parties on this ship and a most enjoyable 8 months.
Sailed as 3rd Engineer on this trip, then went British once up to 2nd Engineer.

Brian Locking 18th July 2008 13:15

[QUOTE=Nigel Price;232182] There were about 35 children with us and they were mesmerised with the toys and presents the Japanese gave to them. Very quick learners, shewed them how to play chess and they were beating everyone. Lovely people.

Recently returned from a holiday in Cambodia (Ankor Wat) and was impressed at how smart and eager to learn the children were. Seven year olds who knew their times tables and every capital city in every conceivable country.
Perhaps we should import some of their teachers.(Jester)

Peter Martin 30th July 2008 09:43

Hello Nigel! I think you mean Peter Everett as I was ashore by this time. Any idea if he's still about

Contraversial Ken 6th August 2008 08:10

Happy Days !!
Given name by Don Carley [C/Eng] Al Yamamah.
Please see attached for my profile [as I can remember it]
This site and your comment have brought back many many happy memories.

PS How are you Albie ??

Contraversial Ken 6th August 2008 16:37

Updated my history added a few names and information:)

baileysan 7th August 2008 22:31

Don Carly
Now theres a name from the past. Used to drive a Volks campervan just about everywhere.
What ever happened to him?
Looking forward to reading your history.

baileysan 8th August 2008 21:34


Read your history.

Still keep in touch with Tony Bassi. He ended up with Hydrographic Dept. Taunton. Now retired.
I think you meant Capt. Neil Collier. Great guy..
Capt Bell was in Cadiz. I attended all three vessels on arrival and before conversion started. I remember major problems with berth, swell caused moorings to part.
Dave Chappel was Electrician at Cadiz, I met up with him a few times in later days. Unfortunatly he died some 3/4 years ago.
You mentioned Maurice Hennon. Maurice was a great friend and colleague of mine and we went back a long way. He stayed out in Korea for many years married a Korean girl, he died very suddenly 2 years ago in Korea. His wife still lives in Newcastle.
Hilton Begg was Chief on a Seismic vessle in late 90's. I was project manager during conversion in the old Palmers yard. Still with seismic ships I think.
Miroslav. Another great friend, lost touch with him, often wonder how he got on during the problem years where he lived.

Hope that helps with your history

nwales 10th August 2008 16:25

I joined the Al Mubarakiah in 1969 as 3rd Mate and stayed with the KSC through to 1972. Sailed on a heap of ships: Al Jabariah, Odaliah, Rumathiah, Salamiah, Sabahiah, but left before the "Ibn" class came out. I sailed with heaps of the older guys: Bill Nelson, The Tenants, Jimmy Dyson, George Gugala, Alf Carney, George Douglas,Treasurer, Maurice Hennon, Christie, George Macaffery. Etc. Etc.

Had the usual ball loading sugar in Mauritius!! Knew Brockbank quite well and Ms. Salmon! Whatever happened to them?

Haven't heard much about the company for over thirty years. Would like to know if anyone knows any of the above mentioned.

Wynne Jones
Western Austarlia

baileysan 10th August 2008 21:47


I joined KSC 1968 and as you can see from profile stayed for many years in various positions.
Bill Nelson. A character. Went ashore in Dubai as Captain of the Dubai Creek reporting to the Royal Family. I met up with him many times and he became something of a cult figure. Regret I did lose touch and not sure where/what these last few years.
Tenants. Old Capt Ted died many years ago. However he did hand over as Master to Gordon. Last I heard Of Gordon he was Master on North Sea Supply vessel.
Jim Dyson. We have kept in touch and I see him him quite often. He went into Pub Mangership recently retired.
Maurice Hennon you will see from previous message .
George Douglas died quite a while ago.
The rest I have lost touch.
I still see Capt Brockbank about every 2/3 months for a beer in Liverpool. Still going strong.

The company is still very strong based in Kuwait.

Nice to hear from you.
You will note quite a few ex KSC guys come on site.

candpet 15th August 2008 12:25

hi all
tom.we still write to don carly,whi is living on the coromandel coast north island new zealand,he has taken up golf as he can no do marathons.he live s with his partner who he has been with for about twenty years.he used to be a rigger at sembawang dockyard.
we will hopefully get to see him again within the next 10 years if i can retire and take the trip.
alllthe best

nwales 23rd August 2008 15:52


We know so many mutual people, I'm wondering if we sailed together!! Do you know anything of Eric Brady? He was 1st Mate with me (I was 2nd Mate) On the Al Mubarakiah on the trip after I was married. The trip was from October 1971 to Feb 1972. Brian Groome was Master after having relieved Treasurer in Kuwait . I paid off in Antwerp after the usual epic.

I'd previously done two trips on the Al Mubrakiah in 1969 with Bill Nelson as Master and George Douglas as Chief. On the second trip we cracked four cylinder liners in the South Atlantic and drifted near Ascension Island for over two weeks. Saw all sorts of giant squid and since then have often wondered at all the fuss when they've occasionally found one in a trawl net!!!


baileysan 28th August 2008 21:38

Kuwait Shipping Co.

Not sure if did sail together.

I did my first trip on Kadisiah as 2/e 1968 Gil Blundel was C/E

Then was on Al Sabahiah as 2/e from 08/68 thro to 08/70 the last part was the first loading out of Japan. Brian Groome was Master, George Gregory C/E John McCloud was C/O
Brian Groome was a great friend of mine, we shared many good times together on the Sabahiah and later when I was ashore. Unfortunatly lost touch with him, he did move to Devon I believe and then I heard he was back at sea.
Eric Brady I used to run across him many times, good guy.
I was first trip C/E on Mubarakiah March 71 to Aug-71 with Treasurer as old man.
I went back to Sabahiah as C/E Nov-71 to Feb-72 the Rumaithiah from May-72 to Nov-72 with Bill Cleague and Parry as Old man.
Then went C/E on first K Class Mubarakiah Jul-74 tp Jun-74 at which time came ashore as Superintendent.
I must say I met up with some great guys in KSC and UASC and I was, regretably, there thro-out the change over to Indian/Pakastani Officers.
Good times indeed

baileysan 28th August 2008 21:42

Been out of touch for a while. Give Don Carly my regards next time you are in touch with him.
You know NZ is the one place I have not been to, would love to try it, maybe!!

Hope all is well with you all and Spanish weather better than ours!!

Baz1uk 28th August 2008 21:46

Jim Turner was Warden at Aulis when I was Cadet.Derek Staniford was Cadet Super with PSNC,and he went to UAS.My oppo was Tom Nicols who joined KSC from NNS.Another friend was Arthur Charnock.Bob Sutton was Capt with them,another drinking pal

Electric Al 11th September 2008 17:09

Did not sail with Kuwaiti or UASC, but met a lot of guys when I was on some ADNATCO tankers laid up in Jebel Ali. there were about 8 or 10 UASC ships also laid up. Had some good times with the lads, cant remember any names. We used to buy our beer from them as our Chandler was expensive. had some good parties and beach parties at the week-ends.

pete 12th September 2008 11:45

There were 2 of the Russian built conversions Al Shidadiah and Al Rhumathiah plus either 4 or 6 "K" class whose names escape me, mists of time I guess. I was there for a few weeks looking after the damn things. A least we had a small inflatable with a decent Outboard for checking the moorings, well that was my excuse anyway (Jester) (Jester) .................pete

IAINT 21st October 2008 21:50

Re - Ibn Khaldoun
Hi All

Have been doing some research on who was the om on Ibn Khaldoun when she caught fire in the Gulf (1975), thought it was Hughie Dyer but that was wrong as he was with Blue Star at that time. (Ploughed through lots of Blue Star crew lists)

You were right Baileysan and it was Willie Frampton.

Sailed with both Dave Chappel (Elect) and Jimmy Dyson (Engr)

Iain T

stan mayes 21st October 2008 22:38

I am sure that Capt.Bassi was Master of Ibn Khaldoun at time of the fire.
I was with a crew of riggers and we helped to sail the ship from Bilbao to Antwerp with Captain Bassi during February 1974.
Captain Bassi continued the voyage.
I have a photo of the 2nd Officer and the Chief Steward.

Moulder 23rd October 2008 00:39

Tony Bassi was master on Al Mubarakiah during early 1976 - did a far east run from gulf to Japan and back.

Was it not Parry who was on Ibn Khaldoun at the time of the fire?


baileysan 23rd October 2008 21:24

Pretty sure it was not Tony Bassi as Master, he did the maiden voyage only.
I thought it was Willie Frampton but not positive. I attended her well after all the crew had left and she was in the hands of salvage tug. Capt parry was on The Majid for awhile but i think that was the only Spanish vessel he sailed on.

barga 9th November 2008 17:02

I just discovered this site today and what memories of people and ships it has brought back . I joined KSc as 3rd mate in 1971 the Al Shidadiah was my first ship and I stayed with them ( UASC) till 1981.
I sailed with Dave Chappell on that first trip really nice guy , Maurice Hennon and Jimmy Dyson were both on one of the new Korean or Scottish ships for one of my trips .
Anyway guys first time today but I'll be back.
Steve Huntrod

baileysan 11th November 2008 21:16

I will be seeing Jim Dyson this weekend for a beer, he lives in Tynemouth recently retired after running a Pub for many years. Unfortunatley both Dave Chappel and Maurice Hennon are deceased, I was friends with both of them for many years.

barga 16th November 2008 22:12

I had read your previous post about Maurice and Dave , I was very sad to learn that bad news both great guys and loads of good memories. I was in Tynemouth on Saturday as well wished I'd read your post before and I could have joined you

gandalf 27th November 2008 14:14

Kuwait Shipping Co.
Hi to all ex employees of KSC, I joined the company as a junior engineer when I signed on the SALIMIAH in Hamburg 31/03/66.
I remember the the trip quite clearly because, to my knowlege, it was the first voyage opening up the liner sevice between Liverpool and our home port of Kuwait. The only names that come to mind at the moment that were on board at that time are Chief Engieer Eric Pearson, Capt Willie Harrison, Bran Groom, the Mate, and Brian Horrod at the time I think was 2nd mate.
During this voyage, because of its significance, we had party at every port of call for the agents etc, the chief steward at the time, his name was John, for the life of me I can't remember his last name, perhaps some one out ther can help.
I whent on to sail on the Al-MUBARAKIAH and left the company in May 1967.

Phil Hunt.

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