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Peter Martin 12th June 2007 09:26

Kuwait Shipping Co
Anybody here sail with KSCo? I did one trip with them as 3rd Mate in 1974. Mate was a splendid chap named Peter Everett. He later gained command with them and appeared in a national newspaper after rescuing a boatload of Vietnamese boat people in the S China Sea.

Janner100 13th June 2007 21:25

I had an interview lined up with KSC in 1974 but chose instead to sail with SSM (mistake as it turned out)

baileysan 18th June 2007 21:36


Posted reply some time ago, seems it never got through for some reason.
I sailed and worked ashore with UASC(KSC) for 20 years. Knew Peter Everitt very well indeed, he sailed Master for some years until unfortunatly the company changed over to Indian Officers.

rothesian 18th June 2007 21:56

seem to remember a Norman Bolland Ex-Blue Flue 2nd mate who was warden at Aulis after Len Holder going to KSC around 1967/68 as either Marine super or personnel

Charlie_Wood 18th June 2007 22:05


Originally Posted by Janner100 (Post 132979)
I had an interview lined up with KSC in 1974 but chose instead to sail with SSM (mistake as it turned out)

I had an interview with them in 1976, where they scoffed that whilst the vessel I was on, Clan Alpine, was the newest cargo ship in our fleet it was older than all of theirs.

Whilst working my notice on that voyage I thought I might as well write to all the companies that were advertising. I ended up with Harrisons(Clyde)(the best move I ever made!!!).

Peter Martin 19th June 2007 10:02


Originally Posted by rothesian (Post 134202)
seem to remember a Norman Bolland Ex-Blue Flue 2nd mate who was warden at Aulis after Len Holder going to KSC around 1967/68 as either Marine super or personnel

Another refugee from Aulis was Jim Turner, Assitant Warden who also went to KSC as Marine Personnel wallah.

Moulder 25th September 2007 17:38

Anyone remember Satchiko?
Does anyone remember Satchiko? - I think she was a mature student (learning English) who used to come aboard KSC ships in Yokohama with her photo albums.
She would set out her photos, usually in the bar, for all to peruse and maybe see yourself a few trips back, or recognise old shipmates. "Satch" would also paint portraits and cut hair - when invited down to the saloon for a meal (which was often) she'd go through the complete menu - salad as well as the main course.



baileysan 25th September 2007 21:47


Memories. I remember her very well, she was part of the fittings in Yokohama for many years. In fact i have some photos of her somewhere.
Many guys tried to romance her but to my knowledge no one suceeded.
As you say she was there for the food!!
I met her when i was ashore with UASC again in Yokohama, she was alway made welcome by Tokyo Office guys, last I heard was she married.

Happy days.

Moulder 26th September 2007 17:19

Hi Tom,

Thought that would get you up from the engine room!

I was sorting through a few things and came across a water colour portrait "Satch" did of me - must have been when on Al Ahmadiah.

What a character she was - glad to hear she's spliced.

Happy Days indeed!


johnclement 27th March 2008 16:18

I sailed with Kuwait Shipping (shortly to become United Arab Shipping Co) from 1976 to 1980 as Purser/Chief Steward - Ibn Bassam, Ibn Duraid, Al Salehiah, etc (see my profile) --- any memories of that period would be welcome.

John Clement

candpet 6th April 2008 11:22

my one memory of chief stewards in ksc is that they thought it was thier money they were spending,although in fairness most of them were ok.
does anyone remember a guy called peter porter?i think he went to work ashore in kuwait.
what ever happened to all the people who worked for them.
i sailed on loads of the old ships,ahmadiah,salamiah,mubarakiah,those were the days,six weeks at anchor in mauritius.
interesting reading.keep it going

candpet 7th April 2008 19:51


hows maureen?still drinking her tea out of a china cup?
how many people know that?
what do you do with yourself in retirement?

guess who

JimC 7th April 2008 20:19

Does anyone rememebr a chap named Norman Hodder?

baileysan 7th April 2008 21:31

nice to hear from you but still guessing. Have sent you private message.

Peter Fielding 7th April 2008 21:49

Did my last trip at sea on M.V. Danah, which was operated by P.&O. on behalf of Kuwait Shipping Company. I joined her in Middlesbrough in July 1979, and left in Chiba (Japan) in January 1980.

Howard S 8th April 2008 02:15


Originally Posted by JimC (Post 206421)
Does anyone rememebr a chap named Norman Hodder?

I recall a Capt. Mike Hodder - Ibn Rushd I think.

JimC 8th April 2008 22:26


Originally Posted by Howard Spittle (Post 206520)
I recall a Capt. Mike Hodder - Ibn Rushd I think.

This one was ex Shell and employed as a Training captain. Another name might be Capt. John Scott

candpet 10th April 2008 11:52

to albier
well now youve got me guessing!i think this could be fun,we may have the whole of ksc trying to find out who we are!!
i joined in 1970,and was interviewed by capy brockbank,wow.
did you ever sail with erm let me see!!!! george donnison for example and what were you

candpet 10th April 2008 12:08

didnt get a message
i sailed with you once
what was the second name of the two chief stewards who were brothers one was charles?

AlbieR 10th April 2008 21:44

Beat you by two years 1968 and interviewed by Ron the Con. Harry was the other brother and they were the O'briens.

IAINT 10th April 2008 22:25

I sailed with KSC (UASC) as R.O. on - AL RUMAITHIAH (1972),
AL JABIRIAH (1973-74)
IBN MAJID (1975)
IBN TUFAIL (1975-76)
IBN HAZM (1977)
IBN AL MOATZ (1977-78)
ARAFAT (1978)

Iain T

baileysan 11th April 2008 22:28


O'Brian was the name I think. What ship did we sail on together. Peter Porter is no longer with us, a long story.

baileysan 11th April 2008 22:34


I was Chief on Rumaithiah from May to November 72. Did voyage to Japan plus Gulf etc.

baileysan 11th April 2008 22:37


I think we know each othe very well. Hows life with you. I still keep in touch with a few old colleagues of yours.

AlbieR 11th April 2008 23:28

Yes it's me, last time I spoke to you was at Liverpool Catherdral. Life is not bad. Send me a PM with your email and I will send you a cracking photo of Al Mubarakiah taken when she was handed over to the Kuwaiti's. Tried to send it through your PM but it was full.

candpet 13th April 2008 11:44

hi tom

i sailed with you on the al mubarakiah.ken coomes was 2nd parry old man.
look at the quotes the clues are there.


i must know you.

i loved the early days at ksc there wre just more characters then you could shake a stick at.

IAINT 13th April 2008 20:10

Hi Baileysan

Only aboard Al Rumaithiah for a couple of weeks (coastal trip) 28th Nov 72 to
12th Dec 72.

Iain T

candpet 16th April 2008 16:43


do you remember a lad called rupert the bear.?


im sure you do

tyrol 28th April 2008 18:21

Hi Iain, I sailed on Ibn Khaldoun 1974 as R/O July to November. The only names I can remember Jake Scallan, first mate and Bob the third engineer. Loaded Sulfur and cement around the gulf red sea and bombay. Pakastani crew, curry for breakfast lunch and dinner. I had a great cabin, radio room ensuite!
Jog your memories?

IAINT 28th April 2008 21:08

Hi Tom,

Joined Ibn Khaldoon at Dammam on 30th Aug 1975 - abandoned at sea on the 22nd Sept 1975 (engine room fire). The OM if i can remember correctly was called Hughie Dyer ? Karachi crew. Very nice Spanish built vessel, good accommodation. Were on the way to Japan to load pipes for Kharg Island.

Iain T

tyrol 29th April 2008 14:23

Tks for reply Iain, nice to meet you, yes I had hrd about the engine room fire didn't realise it was abandoned, was the vessel lost then? Can't rem the om name I sailed with he was a big heavy bouncing chap, full of energy I will check my discharge book, maybe Peter something or other. Chap called Les the lecky, 2nd mate was ex Zim line. WE spent the summer in the gulf a/c broke down never forget the heat. 45 with no a/c. Was the Tx a Crusader? It broke down on me, had it repaired in Kuwait. Have you any photos of Ibn Khaldoun? Like to see them. I have one. Rgds, Tom.

stan mayes 29th April 2008 17:10

Hi Iaian and Tom,
I have an interest in IBN KHALDOON..In Feb.1974 I flew with a gang of riggers to Bilbao and we helped sail the newly built ship to Antwerp.
Her Master was Capt.Toni Bassi.
There are other postings re this ship in the Forum -
'Kuwait Shipping or UASC' ,type in this whole title..
Baileysan informed me the ship was later salvaged and returned to trading - I believe with Greek owners.
I would also like to see a photo if you have one..
Regards - Stan

IAINT 29th April 2008 19:44

Hi Tom and Stan,

Believe after we abandoned the vessel she was taken to Bahrain, but from there have no idea what happened to her. As she was Spanish built the radio equipment was all local but i could be wrong ?. Sorry don't have photo of Ibn Khaldoun.

Iain T

AlbieR 30th April 2008 21:12

I was on one of the small Rusians in the Gulf when she went on fire. I seem to remember that the QC valves for the main engine didn't work and she was steaming around on fire unmanned, but it was a long time ago and the brain cell is not what it was!

baileysan 30th April 2008 22:12

Inb Khaldoun
Hi all

I have a photo of Ibn Khaldoun when she was Valle De Ayala. I,m afraid you will have to bear with me as my scanner is kaput.
She did indeed have a serious engine room fire in the gulf en-route to Japan.
My grey cells cannot positvily remember the OM but I will work on it. I think it was Willie Frampton. I was Superintendent at that stage and was sent out to Bahrain where she was brought to the anchorage. The Chief Superintendent, SA Surveyor and I lived on board the alongside Dutch salvage tug for a few days assessing the damage and as I was familiar with the layout assisting the salvage crew in making the engine room water tight etc.
Some time later she was declared a CTL and we handed her over to the salvage company. at some later date I heard she was bought "as is" by a Greek owner who had her towed to Greece, repaired and put back into service. Her final name or history I do not know.

KSC ,or UASC as it was by then, built two more of the class in Bilboa,Spain, Ibn Majid and Ibn Zidouin, I spent some time during the building and handover. Nice ships and the orginal idea was for them to transport heavy construction pipes for the Gulf but this fell through and they were used for general cargo which was a disaster from the cargo handling side. They were sold off fairly soon.
A little story after the event, I was on holiday in Teneriffe some years later and the waiter at some fish restaurant recommended a white wine, Valle de Ayala. Very nice wine too.

stan mayes 30th April 2008 22:48

Thankyou for the extra information,I had believed she became a CTL within a few weeks of her maiden voyage.
It means Captain Bassi was no longer in command.

candpet 1st May 2008 11:33

hi all

i stood by the building of ibn majid in bilbao,never thinking that years later i would own a restaurant in spain,all be it in the south.
fires....i was on the al ahmadiah,on my honeymoon trip when she had a hold fire and we spent six weeks in l,pool.
my wife and i took my mother in law to see her and as we came over the hill she said look at all that smoke ,there must be a ship on fire.......bloody mothers in law!
paul talbot ( aka rupert )

IAINT 1st May 2008 19:22

Hi Everybody,

Sailed on the 'Ibn Majid' from 1st Feb 1975 till 16th June 1975. Re 'Ibn Khaldoun' engine room fire - we had just bunkered in the gulf before voyage to Japan - there was a leak from a gas oil pipe onto a geny and up she went - even sealing engine room and sprinkler system on did not have the desired effect and had to be abandoned - the om, think mate or 2nd mate and myself went back onboard but whilst there a large explosion from one of the gas oil wing tanks - so decided that was that and departed - after few hours in lifeboats were picked up by tanker and then transfered to KSC vessel and onto Kuwait.

Iain T

baileysan 1st May 2008 21:28

Kuwait Shipping

Does the name Wille Frampton ring any bells as regards the OM.
Of course by the time I attended her all the crew had long departed.
We arranged our Kuwait ship Repairers, Dimitri(that will ring a few bells) to attend and their manager Peter Porter arranged portable generators etc. etc.and in general looked after her until she was declared a CTL and handed over to the Salvors.
From what I remember of the condition,not a pleasent experiance to have been on board at the time of the fire!!!!

Allan James 2nd May 2008 10:23

Does anyone remember Cliff O'Sullivan, ex-ED's and noted for his rather firey temper



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