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Ron Stringer 4th April 2005 22:07

Training ship City of Lucknow (merged threads)
Sailed from late 1961 to mid '63 on Ellerman's deck apprentice training ship the "City of Lucknow". She was a Blue Ensign vessel, courtesy of the two old menthat I sailed under - Capt. Bernard Theodore Wortley and Capt. O'Neill.

Had a great time but was disappointed recently to note that the web site for several Red Duster training ships did not include her. Contacted the webmaster there who said a) that he didn't know Ellerman Lines had a training ships and b) if any of the ex-apprentices would be prepared to submit photos, anecdotes, etc., he would be prepared to add the "Lucknow" to his site. Are there still any of you out there? I wasn't an apprentice or an Ellerman employee so I don't qualify, but as you were all younger than me, some of you must have survived. Come on there.

lucknow 24th October 2006 18:57

City of Lucknow Cadet Ship
I was on the Ellerman Lines City of Lucknow Cadet Ship in the early 60's - Would like to hear from any other cadets undergoing training at that time. My name is Gareth George.

lucknow 24th October 2006 19:54

Get in touch - I was on this ship in 1962/1963 as an Ellerman Line Cadet - Gareth George

danube4 24th October 2006 22:49

City of Lucknow.
1 Attachment(s)
Hi, Pic of City of Lucknow,
Built 1945. Wm Denny Bros, Dumbarton.
Sold 1967.
All the best.

Sebe 24th October 2006 23:38

I joined the City of Lucknow in October '62 and sailed on her until she was sold in late '63, along with about seven other 'first trippers' which included Norrie Leslie, John Bell, John Cole, Denis Dick and others whose names have slipped my mind - must be a senior moment!

Sebe (Colin Balderson)

Ron Stringer 27th October 2006 08:56

City of Lucknow Apprentices
Now there are two of you (yourelf and Sebe) on the site, perhaps you can get together and come up with something to add to the "Rakaia" site so that the CofL and her apprentices are not overlooked and forgotten.

Derek Hudson 9th February 2007 01:51

I have added a picture of the City of Lucknow to the gallery today.

Ron Stringer 9th February 2007 11:05

City of Lucknow
Thank you for the info Derek. Nice photo.

Chrislofotos 13th November 2007 08:56

Hello was on the City of Lucknow in the early 60's.
I'm terrible at remembering names but I do have some old photos of Shipmates that I will dig out and post. Some names I do remember are John Cole , Norrie Leslie and the infamous Bosun Brightly!
Chris Lofty

R58484956 13th November 2007 12:51

Welcome to SN Chris. Enjoy the site and bon voyage.

Ron Stringer 13th November 2007 15:21

Suggest you may like to have a look at posting #1 on this thread

Chrislofotos 13th November 2007 20:36

I served on the Lucknow from around 1962, I have just posted a photo of her. I do have photos of fellow shipmates, if anyone wants to contact me I can forward them on?
Chris Lofty

Sebe 16th November 2007 21:20

Another well known character on this vessel was Glenn Waage, who unfortunately has 'crossed the bar', but is well remembered.


Chrislofotos 3rd December 2007 11:50

Hi Gareth

I was on the Lucknow in the 60`s, your name rings a bell; Alzheimers hasn't set in quite yet!
I still have some old photos I took back then, you may even be on them.
Please contact me.
Chris Lofty

Sebe 3rd December 2007 13:23

'Senior Moments' are catching up, but here are some of the the names from October 1962 on the trip to US / Aussie / Continent & UK:
Ginger Brough, Tony(?) Shortland, Titus Turner, Nigel Payne, Mike Sewell, Roger West, Garth Halanen, Roger Turnbull, Gavin Dickson, Mike(?) Campbell, Peter(?)Williams, Geoff(?) Pilkington, Chris Lofty, Colin Balderson, John Bell, Dennis Dick, John Cole, Norrie Leslie, Graham(?) Rathbone, Gareth George & Geoff Bromley.
Apologies to the four guys whose names I forget.

Sebe (ColinB) (Thumb)

Ron Stringer 3rd December 2007 18:16


Originally Posted by Sebe (Post 168105)
'Senior Moments' are catching up, but here are some of the the names from October 1962 on the trip to US / Aussie / Continent & UK:


I was the R/O on that trip. Do you remember the names of any of the officers? Having been on the ship since 1961, I left her Liverpool, April 1963 at the end of that round-the-world voyage. Can't for the life of me remember anyone except Capt Wortley and Terry Lyons the Extra Chief Officer. Can you add any more?

Sebe 3rd December 2007 18:54

Hi Ron,

I think the Second Mate was Bloore, the Junior Second Mate was Keith Beverley, who went on to Mobil and was with Noble Denton in US recently. I believe the first trip Third Mate was Brown, but may be mistaken.
Not sure about the Mate, but I recollect a story that he suffered 'mal de mer' on sailing from the first port on every trip, even it the locks, but was fine thereafter.


Ron Stringer 4th December 2007 19:55

Thanks for that Sebe. Can remember Keith Beverley and the Scotsman Browne but no memory of others. We had a Yorkshire junior second mate called Fletcher on one trip, and a Scots Chief Officer Hutcheon. Which trip that was, I can't remember. The chippy and the QMs were good guys there but names are lost to me.

At some point I must steel myself to spend some money and get the crew lists from the archives of the University of Newfoundland.

Sebe 4th December 2007 20:48

Ron - Now that you mention it, the Mate was Hutcheon.
Chippie was John McLoed from the Shetlands. Glenn Waage was the Deck Bosun, Paddy Langhan was Quartermaster and Jim Brightly, ex HMS Exeter @ Battle of River Plate, was Instructional Bosun. Glenn has now crossed the bar, and I later sailed with Jim Brightly, Quartermaster, on the City of Auckland on my first trip as Third Mate.


Gareth312 2nd January 2008 20:48

Hi - I think I remember you, it's a long time ago! I certainly remember Captain Worterly RNR! Do yo remember PO Brightley?


Gareth312 2nd January 2008 20:51

Yes please - forward any pics - Gareth George

Sebe 2nd January 2008 23:11

Hi Gareth - look up your original post CITY OF LUCKNOW CADET SHIP - there are lots of names you may remember

ColinB (Thumb)

Ron Stringer 3rd January 2008 15:02

Please ignore the title of this thread, it was my first posting and It should have read "Training Ship City of Lucknow" but I put my name in the wrong box and could find no way of changing the title. The 'Edit' facility only works on the text, not the heading.

The reason for my initial post (#1 of this thread) was to try and persuade some former Ellerman navigating apprentices (who had sailed on the City of Lucknow) to contribute to the Rakaia website of Red Ensign training ships. After my request, the owner of that site created a section for the ship (he had previously been unaware that JRE had even had a training facility) and, later, Terry Lyons contributed the following piece:

Built by William Denny and Brothers Limited, Dumbarton, City of Lucknow was launched in November 1945 and, after fitting out, was delivered to the Ellerman Hall Line in May 1946. Designed to be a general cargo vessel of 9,961 gross tons (5,954 net) with a length overall of 475 feet, she had accommodation on the promenade deck for 12 passengers, and her single screw was driven by Parsons turbines of 880 nominal horsepower.

In 1958 City of Lucknow was transferred to Ellerman and Bucknall, and her passenger accommodation was converted to house a total of 25 cadets, an Instructional Chief Officer and a Schoolroom. City of Lucknow had four hatches forward of the bridge and two aft of it, and, although the cadets did not entirely replace the normal complement of Indian deck crew, they were responsible to the Bosun for all the deck work forward of the bridge. Two Quartermasters provided instruction in seamanship, and the cadets manned the fo’castle and the accommodation ladder when entering and leaving port. With a Master in the Royal Naval Reserve and a Bosun who had served in the Royal Navy, the cadets were expected to perform their duties and routines in a most efficient and disciplined manner.

The cadets were divided into 3 sections – Junior, Intermediate and Senior – and normally spent 3 or 4 voyages on City of Lucknow, before transferring to other vessels in the Ellerman fleet. Whilst in this role, City of Lucknow usually operated between the UK, USA and Australia with voyage lengths of less than 6 months duration.

In 1963, City of Lucknow was sold, and cadet training on this scale within the Ellerman Lines fleet was discontinued.

At the end of the piece, (the only contribution so far) the site owner restated his invitation:

Further information on this Company and its cadet training operation would be most welcome.

You former JRE apprentices must have some stories to tell about your time aboard. Some of you have posted photos on the SN site. I feel it sad that there might be no single record of the times (both happy and less so) that were spent by those young guys on the City of Lucknow, at a formative stage of their lives. If you read about the similar vessels operated by NZS/Federal and Elder Dempsters, you can see that apprentices' lives and experiences there were very similar to your own. But yours remain unknown to a wider audience.

I hope that someone can come forward and add to the CofL section. Surely you don't want Chief Officer Lyons to be the only person known to have served aboard the vessel?

You can see the existing entry, and post more information and pictures here:

K urgess 3rd January 2008 15:34

There you are Ron.
I finally got it right and managed to change the thread title for you.
Sorry about the delay.
Some things have to be re-learned every time.[=P]

Ron Stringer 3rd January 2008 17:44

Training ship City of Lucknow
Many thanks for that Kris.

You shouldn't apologise - it was my cock-up and I just didn't know how to fix it. At the time I pushed the 'Submit' button instead of the 'Preview' button, I didn't appreciate that thereafter only Moderators or Administrators could modify the title. It took only a few minutes for that to become clear to me but it was too late!

Thanks again.

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