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Michael Quin-Conroy 9th August 2017 06:20

SS Rajput

I am trying to find passenger list information for the SS Rajput that my father sailed on from an Indian Port to Mombassa East Africa around 1916 to 1918. I have two photograph taken aboard this ship and I believe that he and the others were of a contingent of Indian Railway volunteers who had re joined the British army. My father was an army reservist having retired from the Royal Artillery and settled in India. From another source I have the date of the photos as 14 July 1916.

I know this is a big ask as it is possibly 100 Years since this ship was around. I believe it was sailing under the Asiatic Steam Navigation Company that was eventually taken over by the P&O. I last sailed as an Engineer on P&O ships in the mid 1950's and downsized to the GSNC leaving after I got my Chief's Certificate in 1960.

Still steaming along at eighty six. Michael.

NicholasMcGuigan 17th December 2017 00:53

SS Rajput

My grandfather was transported from Bombay to the Western Front in 1914 in the Rajput. I would be interested in any photos you might find and will pass on anything I find out. I did find the following:

At the turn of the century, the Asiatic Steam Navigation Co. ordered three 'R' class ships at Charles Connell's yards: the Rajah (5.622 tons), Ranee (5.660 tons) and Rajput (5.628 tons). The engines were supplied by Dunsmuir & Jackson, Glasgow.

In 1923 Rajput was sold to Nakamura Kisen Goshi Kaisha, Dairen renamed Unkai Maru No.12. She was torpedoed on November 1st, 1944 by U.S. submarine Blackfin (SS-322) in Mindoro Strait.

There is more info at:

But no photo.


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