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chaspat 9th November 2005 11:19

City of Sydney
Does anyone have photo/info. on above vessel please?

Bruce Carson 9th November 2005 12:58

A couple of pictures may be found at:

Bruce C.

chaspat 10th November 2005 09:58

City of Sydney
Many thanks Bruce for the websites. Can you tell me if there was an 'older' City of Sydney which could have been in a collision in 1956

Bruce Carson 10th November 2005 12:42

There was a 'City of Sydney' of 6,986GT, built in 1930, which was sold to the Tsavliris Shipping Co., London, in 1958 and renamed '"Nicholaos Tsavliris'.
I'm not sure this is the ship that you're searching for: I can't find a picture and I don't know how she ended her career.
Maybe another member has some more details.

Bruce C.

danube4 10th November 2005 13:34

City Of Sidney
Picture of City of Sidney. Built 1930. Ask jeeves. Type, find Ellerman City Lines. Second page Scroll down to Ean Cty 063. You will find all city ships there including City of Sidney. Good luck. Barney

Fergus 62 10th November 2005 13:43

Hi Chaspat

The "City of Sydney" which Bruce refers to was in collision with Cory's "Corchester" off Haisboro Light on 19.Feb 1956. She cut the "Corchester" in two. Eight killed.
As the "Nicholaos Tsavliris" she was sold and broken up in 1956
She was built the the Workman Clark yard in Belfast in 1930.
She was involved in a major rescue in the Indian Ocean on 31.Mar.58 when she rescued 1300 passengers from the burning "Skaubryn". As the "Sydney" had insufficent space,food,water etc for such an up lift the passengers were transferred to the Italian Liner "Roma".
She was sold out of Ellermans 28.May58.

An eventful last couple of years with JRE.

Source - Duncan Haws Merchant fleets "Ellerman Lines"


Fergus 62

wa002f0328 10th November 2005 16:19

Hi Fergus 62
I was at sea that night the Corchester went down I was on a small coaster called the Windsor Queen we had left Blyth with coal, the weather was atrocious, remember the name City of Sydney, what was the result of the inquiry, if my mind serves me right, the City boat was going too fast, but can,t be sure of that. cheers big bill

chaspat 10th November 2005 16:26

City of Sydney
What an amazing site this. All the information I was searching for I have found with many,many thanks to Bruce,Barney and Fergus.
My cousin was one of those lost on that fateful day on the ss Corchester.
Thanks again,

wa002f0328 10th November 2005 19:59

Hi Chaspat
It was not day it was night, one hell of a night, I was there in the North Sea, 1956, check the records and see, snow blizzards, high seas, wind , rain, whatever, but who was to blame on that night???? cheers big bill

Fergus 62 10th November 2005 20:47

Hi Chaspat
Yep thats what this site is all about.
Hi WA002fo328 (Bill)
You're spot on, the book where I got the info from said the incident occured in a snow storm! Somehow after all these years you dont forget nights like that !
Fergus 62

Fergus 62 11th November 2005 10:39

Something spooky about this. By pure coincidence I was looking through some old editions of Sea Breezes last night and in the December 1983 edition what jumped out of the page but an article titled "Last voyage of the Corchester" written by G R Ney.
The article details the events leading up to the incident,the rescue and closure. The Corchester was skippered by Capt George Northcott, the Corchester was the only Cory ship to have accom in the focastle and the City of Sydney sliced through her at No1 hold wiping out everything fwd of there. Six crew members where killed in that area. Also lost from the main hull were the fourth engineer and steward.At the end of the article it says that the survivors and staff from Corys held a memorial service at the scene on board the "Cormull". Also in attendance was the Seamans Mission Chaplin and a staff member called John Bell who took cine- photograghs of the event.This film was supplimented by shots of the Corchester taken from stills and a spoken commentery etc provided by Cory staff menber David Taylor. The film was later shown in the Cory London office and made available through The Mission to Seaman for families and friends throughout the Cory fleet.

Hope this additional info of interest and perhaps will open some more avenues for you. If you want photo copies of this article pls e mail me with your home address - sorri cant scan, Im working with an old coal burning computer with no scanner.


Fergus 62

chaspat 11th November 2005 12:21

City of Sydney
Hi Fergus,
This is incredible. I have just been in touch with a survivor of the ss Corchester and he related what happened.
It was 7.30am Sunday morning 19th February 1956. The weather as has been stated was absolutely vile,howling gale,blizzard conditions,visibility practically zero (who would go to sea) off the Norfolk coast when the 'Sydney' collided or rather sliced thro' taking away the Focsle where crew members, my cousin included, were probably still sleeping and hopefully didn't know too much about it. He tells me there were 14 lives lost.
I would be absolutely delighted if you would send the photo copies etc.
I shall e-mail my address. Please let me know you received it ok.
Again many thanks.

John A Riley 26th March 2008 10:30

Hi chaspat,

Having been just two weeks at sea I was a deck boy on the Cormull. I remember that Sunday morning very well. As previously mentioned the weather was atrocious, high rough seas, blizzard conditions.
I remember men in the sea clinging onto hatchboards, a lifeboat with the captain sitting in the stern with his russian style hat with his world war 11 flying jacket and flying boots. More reminiscent of an airman than a sea captain. We rescued the men in the sea one of whom died on deck soon after.With all on board we then proceeded onto London. The Corchesters survivors joined us in the mess room and having had no bond issue the crew of the Corcheser provided the cigarettes. Only vest and pants but plenty of ciggies.
I recall the ship sinking, classic, with the stern out of the water she slid down below the waves.I have no photgraphs of this sad event but would be interested to hear from anyone with similar memories of that incident. I could go into this in more depth but will not do so on this occasion,

Burgric 16th November 2012 20:43

I realise this thread was made some time ago, but I have only just come across it. On a whim I decided to look for information on the Corchester online, and came across this page:

Intrigued, the first time I'd ever seen a photo of the vessel, I googled further to see what I could turn up, and then I saw this forum thread and was astonished at the information I subsequently found.

I have read a report which my father obtained from (I believe it was) Gravesend Lifeboat Station. It provided a great sum of detail, only some of which I can recall as my father currently has the record of the events that night, Feb 19, 1956. The only other information I had ever seen concerning the collision was an old newspaper clipping of which I am unsure as to its whereabouts now.

My grandfather was one of the survivors of the Corchester, a Merchant Navy Man for some years. There's not much subjective evidence I can impart however as he never spoke about it, and sadly he is no longer with us. And so as you can imagine, reading these accounts is beyond fascinating. I would be very grateful if anyone could share any more information or accounts of the collision as it's a mystery in our family's history I'd very much like to unravel.

Many Thanks,


sam2182sw 18th November 2012 19:59

Hi photo of city of sidney on sam2182sw

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