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Blueboy 62 14th March 2011 22:15

Blue Star Line 1971-1992
Further to my recent post about a working collegue who was with Blue Star BERT PEARSON Purser/Catering sailed on the followini call Him enjoyed e34vg.Has asked me on his behalf does anybody remember HIM which I am sure they will do.
California Star,Columbia Star,America Star,Adelaide Star, Tasmania Star, Wellington Star,Southland Star,Gladstone Star,Avelona Star, and ACTS 7,1, and5 a very comprehensive list of ships and Albert as I call Him enjoyed every minute makes me envious,any how that is Alb erts sailing history if anybody remembers and would like to get in touch or leave a message I will be only too pleased to as. at this moment. He does not know what an excellent site He is missining

Mick Spear 1st August 2011 06:34

I sailed with Bert Pearson on Southland Star 1988. He was Purser. A nice guy too. There is a picture somewhere on the net of Captain Sandy Kinghorn and the crew taken on funnel deck of an old Blue star ship. Bert Pearson is in the picture. It can be found in Captain Kinghorn's book "before the box boats".
Mick S

Blueboy 62 15th August 2011 22:33

Bert Pearson Southland Star
Hi Mick.
Spoke to Bert as I work with Him 12hr. shifts. Sea Sick tablets have to be isssued to me,seriously He takes me on one of His voyages and I feel I am part of the ships company its so interesting,as a gesture I took him to watch Everton,as He hasn't been for 20 yrs. He thoroughly enjoyed it. Could you tell me what your position was on The Southland.I have passed on your post to Bert,thanks for replying best wishes Terry Murphy

Mick Spear 16th August 2011 05:12

I was Steward and was with Bert when we were replaced with Fijian Crew whilst at Suva. This was in 1988. I will PM you.
Mick S

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