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Banni 28th November 2014 07:11

Temple Hall / Telamon
In 2007 I posted a photograph of the ex Temple Hall and latterly the Telemon wrecked on a beach near Arrecife, Lanzarote. I have just come across an article written by somebody that lives on the island:

It’s hard to pass the Telamon at the moment, knowing that this iconic landmark is going to disappear from Lanzarote in the near future.
She’s been part of our coastline between Arrecife and Costa Teguise since a storm in October 1981 took it’s toll on the dilapidated boat, forcing the crew to beach her next to the Puerto de Los Mármoles.

Recuperadora Lanzaroteña have already presented the definitive documentation to the Autoridad Portuaria de Las Palmas with the intention to scrap the vessel from this autumn. The company will dismantle the Telamon, the materials from which, will be shipped to the Peninsula for scrap value. Apparently the port authority wanted the ship recovered as it could prove to be a danger for people who venture into the wreck.

The first stage of the project will be to construct a small dock on the beach to support a crane, then the ship will be dismantled in the new year.

It seems a shame to move her after 33 years, what do you think, is she a landmark, an eyesore or safety hazard?

Hopefully the following link will take you to the photo I posted:

trotterdotpom 28th November 2014 10:42

Welcome to SN, Banni. There have been a few photos of Temple Hall posted in the gallery.

Lamberts had another Temple Hall when they were part of Scottish Ship Management. This ship was chartered to Briitsh Phosphate Commisioners and transported phosphate from Christmas Island, Nauru and Ocean Island to Australia and New Zealand. See Scottish Ship Management website.


Jim Mclaughlin 28th November 2014 13:19

Not Long back from Lanzarote.
Took coast road bike run down to Airport to photograph planes coming in low. never saw her, maybe other side of Arrecife.
I was in Porto del Carmen.

Banni 28th November 2014 22:23

Thank you for the welcome trotterdotpom, I have been here since 2005!!
Jim the wreck is on the road between Arrecife and Costa Teguise, at the moment you are diverted passed the wreck because of road upgrading otherwise the main road goes inland to Costa Teguise, when the road is complete. It is also near the main entrance to the Cruise terminal.

trotterdotpom 29th November 2014 00:52

Sorry Banni, got mixed up with # 1 at the top of your post.

There was a ship called "Cherry Venture" aground at Rainbow Beach, Queensland, for over 30 years. She became a bit of a tourist attraction but ended up being too dangerous and was removed a couple of years ago. Similar situation to Telamon - a lot of folk were sorry to see her go.

John T

MikeK 29th November 2014 07:47

Tied up to the jungle stern to stern with her at Sapele in the 1950's. Sticks in the memory as we made pals with their apprentices and chatted across the space daily. Their senior app. jumped off the stern into the creek for a dare one day, he swam round to the gangway ok without the crocs realizing the chance of a long pig meal !
Sad to see her now


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