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Dougster 24th September 2008 00:46

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I got the ticket but now looking for pictures of APPLECROSS (which I believe to be the vessel used) please.


Don Matheson 24th September 2008 03:59

Think you might be struggling to find a photo. Never was on the ferry there but I am sure its a long time since it was a McBraynes one.
Been a private ferry for many years, now using one of the ferries from Ballachulish. Hope someone can come up with one as I would like to see her myself.
Thought it was the boat used to Applecross you were after, small launch used to come out and meet the Loch Nevis and take passengers and supplies to Applecross.

uisdean mor 25th September 2008 22:19

Excuse butting in here guys. Have attached a couple of web links which might be helpful.

You were looking for details of CalMac vessel Applecross - These links might help

Don Matheson 25th September 2008 22:56

Thanks Uisdean, was really Dougster who wanted the photo, I am just interested in any vessel around the Western Isles.
Dont suppose you have any information on the launches that used to come out to the Loch Nevis to collect passengers and mail.

Dougster 30th September 2008 22:46

Thanks for the links.

I am registered on SoC but was looking for something a little bigger.

Dougster 14th December 2008 02:47

Thanks to everyone's help and particularly one forum member who sent me the name plate. (Thumb)

(and I USED to be registered on SoC but doesn't look like it now for some strange reason :( )

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