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BOB.WHITTAKER 17th January 2019 00:47

Sea hazard ( 1939 - 1945 )
I have a slim A5 sized book entitled " Sea hazard ( 1939 - 1945 ) " , this gives
a listing of vessels lost or damaged under the Houlder flag with crew listings and
descriptions of the action . There are also photographs of some of the vessels both damaged and undamaged with the foreword dated 15th January 1946 by
Mr. W.C.Warwick reading as follows :-
" We pay respectful tribute to the many brave men who have passed over ,
and salute again with gratitude and heartfelt thanks all those who fearlessly
went down to the sea in our ships and carried on their hazardous occupation without hesitation "
The book was passed to me by Les " Spike " Wright , who was very much a Houlder's stalwart both deepsea and offshore and who has unfortunately since
passed on . It is in good condition and I am certain it will be of interest , I have
absolutely no intention of selling it but would be willing to loan it for it to be
returned .
Please PM me if interested . Cheers , Bob Whittaker .

Johnny Walker 20th January 2019 12:50

Bob if it is a slim volume why not scan it and post it as a attachment on this forum. That way you get to keep hold of it and those like myself who are interested get to read it???

BOB.WHITTAKER 20th January 2019 19:54

Sea hazard
I don't think scanning would be practical as there are some 110 pages . More to the point my keyboard / transmittal skills are severely limited , I will consult with the
younger members of my family and if possible may well do as suggested .
Cheers , BOB .

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