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gregmattila 5th August 2019 02:57

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I have attached an image of New Endeavour entering Newcastle Harbour.
(Nobbys is in the left background and a sixteen foot skiff out of Port Hunter Sailing Club is off her bow.)
My questions are: When? ... and For what purpose?
Greg Mattila

Robert Hilton 5th August 2019 08:25

Er, which Newcastle?

jg grant 5th August 2019 09:41

hi Robert I'm picking Newcastle NSW Oz which has a Hunter valley inland from the city.Also the background.
hello too to the poster. The ship is not like the Endeavour I remember.Maybe not a replica just a namesake. Any clues?

spongebob 5th August 2019 10:14

That ship is definitely not the square rigged replica of Cook 's Endeavoutpr that is normally berthed at the Maritime museum in Sydney .


victa 5th August 2019 10:16

I think actually Young Endeavour a bicentennial gift from the UK in 1988 and a youth sail training vessel

stein 5th August 2019 13:30

No, the "Young" endeavour was a two-masted ship. Here is the late John Briggs on the "New."

gregmattila 17th August 2019 06:12

Thanks for the replies.

I didn't realise that the forum went international!

It is Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

I have since verified that the barquentine is the New Endeavour and the photo is pre-1987. (You can make out a two word name on the bow, and I have sourced other photos and history.)

Unfortunately, she met her demise when she could not be maintained and was burnt to the waterline at Ballina, NSW.

She was launched as Dana in 1919 having been built in Denmark.

She was brought to Australia by a syndicate in the mid-1960s having had a major refit in England.

If anyone could give a clue as to what year the photo was taken it would be most appreciated.

Greg Mattila

AllisterSpeirs 21st August 2019 04:09

G/day from Adelaide! it would be really great if I can find some of my old shipmates,especially those who sailed on the Shaw Saville ships sailing down to Australia 🇦🇺 and NZ. I was on the Zealandic,the Megantic the Canopic the wonderfull old Wiapawa many thanks for having me on this nostalgic voyage,AllisterSpeirs.

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