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Malcolm S 4th December 2013 18:46

Cunard Countess
I understand she is badly burned and maybe scraped?


Dickyboy 4th December 2013 19:55

Here's a link Malcolm...

Peter Eccleson 13th December 2013 01:41

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Sad end - similar to Cunard Ambassador in 1974.
Stood by Cunard Countess when she was being built at B&W Copenhagen in 1976.

dixie dean 6th January 2014 16:51

Hi Malcolm,seen photos and a short video taken from a helicopter flying round the ship,the old Countes is indeed a mess.Fire has burnt all the way up from 2dk midships,including all officers accom ward room,and every thing aft of that to the funnel,aft end is ok,but given her age I can only see the scrap yard for her .Probably Aliaga. Dixie.

Malcolm S 7th January 2014 23:43

Thanks Dixie
Despite being a bit of a rust bucket we did have a few laughs while there, but I still preferred the Princess.


Ameritron 16th January 2014 00:58

Dixie I don't know if you remember me Cedric peacock from the casino I was on the cunard adventurer first then cunard countess (joined in la spezia before maiden voyage) had a great 6 years before getting married and moving to the states I also remember peter eccleston

Ameritron 18th January 2014 00:10

Cunard adventurer
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Don't know if anyone knows who is in this pic that's me on the tiller and the bear in front of my left knee but don't know anyone else this was taken in Grenada doing our weekly lifeboat test "beach run".
Boy we had fun in those days.

Peter Eccleson 4th February 2014 01:20

Cunard Countess
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Cedric -how you doing? I remember the 'dancing bear' -great times!

Ameritron 4th February 2014 01:45

Hi peter I must have served with you on the ships but can't remember I once spent the night fixing the teleprinter in the radio room on the adventurer after the shoreside company rep in Barbados gave up and went ashore leaving it in pieces lol great fun re-aligning that thing I never did get it perfect the captain caught me there on his way to the bridge in the morning (bob arnott) I'm going to post a picture of a friend at the time 3rd R.O. he moved to cargo and I can't remember his name

Ameritron 4th February 2014 02:37

3rd R.O. cunard
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Anyone know his name I can't remember it and it's driving me crazy he moved to cargo I think

dixie dean 4th February 2014 21:41

Got my copy of Ships Monthly a couple of weeks ago,very sad to see the old Cunard Adventurer is going to scrap at Alang,as the article says 42 years isn't a bad age for a ship to go to scrap,but many happy memories ime sure for all the ex crew members.

Ameritron 10th February 2014 21:03

Remember them ?
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I can remember some of these faces anyone else? I,m standing behind the bear

Stephen J. Card 10th February 2014 21:18


Originally Posted by Ameritron (Post 736299)
I can remember some of these faces anyone else? I,m standing behind the bear

Of course Captain Bob Arnott and sitting to our left in the photo... 'shirtless'.... Ken B Allen... Hotel Manager.... I think!

Knew Ken when he was in eithe QE or FRANCONIA (1968) and saw him in NORDIC PRINCE 1986.


Malcolm S 15th February 2014 00:17

Top left Tim castle, bottom right is Alan Marsden (R/O) Chris Tweedale? Electrician looks like he is someone's lap. Is that Andy Rowe in there as well? Is that Bob Wilkinson sitting under Tim?

Other people I would guess are entertainers as they are not in any uniform.

Ameritron 15th February 2014 01:30

Hi Malcolm the third from the left in the back row is I think manny Williams was with ships for quite a few years. The casino staff are also in the pic I don't think chris was in anyone's lap or you remember he was not very tall.

Peter Eccleson 26th February 2014 00:40

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Know mostbofbthe faces....but names?
Manny Willims is the entertainer and that is his wife alongside him. Roland Hassell is the deck officer with beard in front row.

Peter Eccleson 26th February 2014 00:45

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Guy in yellow jacket next to you is Mike Constant (Cruise Director) -nicknamed 'constantly on the mike' by the Radio Officers.

Ameritron 26th February 2014 01:24

Thanks peter you know I didn't recognize roly he grew his beard much fuller later and mike Constance I remember sliding up a shell beach on hos stomach after a slight misjudgment dismounting from a ski. His face and stomach were a real mess.
Such a shame she went to scrap only memories now

Malcolm S 28th February 2014 23:10

Beg to differ - that is not Rolly Hassel, Instead I think he was an electrician but may have been an engineer - Fred ??. The one with the beard next to Capt Bob was Paul, an engineer we called the Bear.
I will send the picture to another Cunarder to see who he knows and can name.

Ameritron 1st March 2014 00:53

Thanks Malcolm ok that explains why I didn't recognize him I remember the dancing bear ( Paul wright ) very well I heard he passed away great shame I really liked him I remember him coming back from leave telling us he got married and coming back from his next leave telling us he got divorced. I miss those days sometimes. still go on a cruise every year but not working.

Peter Eccleson 1st March 2014 01:48

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You are right....just expanded photo to max (bit grainy) and he is wearing two bands an definitely not Roland. I stand corrected.


Malcolm S 1st March 2014 03:54

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Originally Posted by Ameritron (Post 736299)
I can remember some of these faces anyone else? I,m standing behind the bear

OK, from a couple of my contacts - some names may be spelled wrong -
Top row
Tim Castle / Bea Williams / Manny Williams / Casino girl (which one of my contacts was madly in lust with)/ Casino guy (dating the girl!) /Christine Heitmann - German tour escort / Mike Constant / Magilly Parrot - Venezuelan cruise staff / Cedric - casino mechanic / ?? / and last in row Maggie Sitto.
Bottom row
Bob Wilkinson / A Canadian Doctor? / Fred Gahegan / K. B. Allen ? / Bob Arnott / Paul Wright / Chris Tweedale / ? / ? / Jamie Luke / Alan Marsden.

I still have some contacts who have not yet replied. One suggestion is that Lawson Connel is in the back row but I don't recognize him there.

Old Cunarder 2nd March 2014 12:27

Far right front, Ricky Collinson, possibly Tony Kirk next on the left. Definitely Mike Constant with the demented bat at his throat, Colin Revell to the right of him. Tim Castle far left. KBA looks as if he is not wearing a shirt; very strange!

Malcolm S 2nd March 2014 17:57

Beg to differ again - front row as you look at the picture - far right is Alan Marsden, Radio Op. Confirmed by the man himself, and others. Rick Collinson was much stockier in build.


Old Cunarder 3rd March 2014 10:00

Malcolm, my apologies, you are right. Actually I don't think Ricky was ever on the Adventurer, I will ask Mike Constant, he will know.

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