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jmsimmo 25th April 2006 19:02

the chicanoa 1970 fyffes
hi my very first the merchant navy.joined her in new orleans 1970

Jim S 25th April 2006 22:14

How long were you on Chicanoa? - I think that was the year (1970) that she was transferred to the Honduran subsidiary of United Brands - Empresa Hondurena de Vapores SA and renamed Orica.

terence 4th May 2006 23:32

your right jim but in1972 sold to greece renamed mardinia importer then scrapped i was on her in the 60s terry

Jim S 5th May 2006 21:20

Hi Terence,
Chicanoa and her sisters were tidy little ships - built for the Cameroon trade they were really too small for other services and the increasing cost of fuel oil brought them to a premature end. There had been a consideratiion to replace the steam turbines with American built Fairbanks Morse diesel engines but that came to nothing.
Chicanoa was my first ship in Fyffes when I joined her in 1968 as 2nd Engineer.

roy quirk 2nd June 2006 01:00

Hi Jim,
I seem to have gone through companies in the same order as yourself !!- Furness Withy
(Pacific Reliance), Brocklebanks (Markhor),and Fyffes(Camito,Chirripo and Chicanoa). I finished as 2nd Eng. on the Chicanoa in 1960,eight years ahead of you.She was a great ship and I enjoyed the double runs to Oslo and Gothenburg. In 1968 I was still working on steam turbine ships--Nuclear submarines!

Jim S 2nd June 2006 19:57


Originally Posted by roy quirk
Hi Jim,
I seem to have gone through companies in the same order as yourself !!- Furness Withy
(Pacific Reliance), Brocklebanks (Markhor),and Fyffes(Camito,Chirripo and Chicanoa). I finished as 2nd Eng. on the Chicanoa in 1960,eight years ahead of you.She was a great ship and I enjoyed the double runs to Oslo and Gothenburg. In 1968 I was still working on steam turbine ships--Nuclear submarines!

Hi Roy, Yes quite a coincidence that we were in the same companies and same order.
My first two trips as J/E was on Pacific Unity, Frank Geraghty C/E. Gordon Taylor Snr 2/E, John Sealey Jnr 2/E.
CHICANOA was a good little ship - After the problems encountered on Brocks MAGDAPUR going astern - Any sustained astern running and it was easy to run out of steam/vacuum the whole works. CHICANOA by contrast gave the impression she could have ran all day full astern. CAMITO was the peak of my career it was downhill from then on with the motorships.

Bill Lewis 19th February 2007 00:12

Hi, Chicanoa was my first ship as Junior Engineer in August 1959 after that Sinaloa, Telde, Chuscal, Tilapa, Changuinola, Tetela (collision in N.Y.) More trips on Chicanoa, Chuscal and my final trip was Changuinola, I was payed off in London Dec 1965

Jim S 19th February 2007 16:32

Hi Bill,
I was Interested to read that you were onboard TETELA when she was in collision in fog in New York. By all accounts it was quite an event with Tetela having to sail back to Germany with a steel plate welded across where her bow used to be. Captain Hamilton RNR was treated rather unfairly by the authorities and the company in my opinion. But then it was to be expected a collision in American waters with an American ship. I believe Sam Greedy was Chief Engineer.

Bill Lewis 20th February 2007 01:13

Hi Jim, you are correct Sam was Chief and I was Second Engineer. Capt Hamilton was Skipper and my very good friend Paul Skelton was First Officer, Paul and I still write to each other once a year with Xmas card even though I have been living in Australia fo 37 years. The Tetela paid of in Bremerhaven Paul and I stayed with the ship until they took the plates off the "square bow" and fitted the new bow that had been pre-fabricated whilst we were crossing the Atlantic at Slow ahead. The Collision occurred off Ambrose light, our radar was down, it was a foggy dark night. The Green Island was a US ship which had just dropped the pilot and was Full ahead (an account from one of the crew I met in a Brooklyn bar) at the enquiry the log told a different story. The result from the enquiry was that the Blame was apportioned 40% 60% in our favour. I think Capt Hamilton was "let go" by E&F they got him a Masters position with another Company and then I think took him back a year later without any loss of seniority. I could give a longer version of this collision with Photographs if you are interested

terence 2nd July 2007 23:35

hi terry here looks like a lot of us was on the same ships at the
same time or there abouts but as u no deck stayed with deck eg sd fm sorry
got to no a ch cook when in liverpool so i got some ex grub terry music man

nobby s 22nd July 2007 17:47

Hi all ex: Chicanoa crew. As I said in the "banana boat" thread I joined her sometime in 1960 and completed 4 trips to the French Cameroons (Tiko). I did these as officers steward and skippers tiger. All 4 trips were with captain Mullings (not Mullens as I put before). I joined her in my home port of Southampton and finally paid off in Garston. She was a very clean and happy ship with some of the friendliest officers and crew that I ever encountered in my sea going years. I may have done more trips on her but when we arrived in Garston I had been feeling very ill for a couple of days. I did not report it and other members of the crew covered for me showing just what a super bunch they were. Anyway I didnt re-sign and the journey back to Southampton is a complete blank. When I had managed to convince my mother that I had not been drinking she called the doctor. On learning I had just returned from West Africa he quickly diagnosed malaria and rushed me to hospital where I spent several weeks(most of them wishing I could just die!) So take heed when they tell you to take the pills. I still get problems even today and I canot donate blood.

terence 22nd July 2007 21:56

hi nobby [tiko ] what a port thers nothing at all but we kept going back
there is a photo some where that some one posted of tiko have a
look it could come under fyffyes if u have any photos post them please
terry music man xchicanoa changuinola chirripo chuscal ps keep taking
the pills as in med not in larger cheers terry

nobby s 23rd July 2007 14:19

Hi Terence, photos? I've deck cargo(lorries),crew,the creek(inc.canoes & houses on stilts),the Quay, the village and quite a few inhabitants. David Bailey I aint but wait till I master this bl***y p.c and scanner!!!!
I'm quite proud of 'em and sure they would be enjoyed.

terence 23rd July 2007 22:32

hey nobby take your time man were not going no were
hey the creek do rememer coming back out you had to do
a wide sweep to starboard the canoes ha ha ha ps i bet
you are proud of the photos i had loads got them but a few
years later some one took a shine to them any way nice to here
from you look farard as they say up north terry music man

Geoff of Hull 30th September 2007 18:49

Hi All...I too served on Chicanoa on the Avonmouth Jamaica run there were almost a full Hull crowd on deck I am still in touch with a few today I think that was around 1965 time the trouble we found was there was no overtime for us "Deckies" the only entertainment was a few beers if you could stand Badger beer and a catering crew were only 1 was straight.
We had race horses on deck and it was the Bosuns job to look after them..
I think we did about 4-5 ports in Jamaica..Geoff

Bosun bill 5th April 2009 21:12

Hi Geoff
I joined the Chicanoa in 1964 at liverpool has Bosun. done seven trips but had to sign off in Greenock just before we sailed again as my Mother died Oct 1965 never went back sea again. but nice to find this Shipsnostalgia which brings it all back yes i remember carrying some horses.
bosun bill

R690639 17th December 2009 18:20

the chicanoa july 1960.joined in a'mouth,my home stwd great guy
from s'hampton, master capt.w.young,then capt .j.nicholson. i was eng stwd
and officer's stwd till sept 1960.then joined sinaloa. i remember taking salt tabs with 3 bells rum, but stillcame down with malerria too. agree e/f's good
company,great crews,all dept's.maybe some one knows me

Peter Trodden 17th December 2009 19:43

Hi Boys, not long found this site. I was on the Skin boats,first was the Pacuare ex German job Jan., one was the Chicanoa Jan.,1959. Some years later March 1964 I joined Her again in Garston. Me and a pal wanted a short trip,so Tiko and back was just right. 3 days homeward bound the Mate (Jan Stewert.a Dutchman) informed us, that we have been charted by an Italian comp., So the next 41/2 mths it was Tiko- Genoa to and fro

Basil 17th December 2009 20:36

. and another one; couple of trips Garston - Tiko in '63 as junior eng. and back again in '64 as 4th. Packed it all in ex Chirripo in Sept '64.

Outstanding memories of Tiko: Coming on deck for a breather as the bow removed some branches from the Mangrove? trees. Noting comely maiden cavorting in water and thinking "Shall I?" and then deciding she was a bit under age and, having a skin condition which renders me allergic to machete wielded by angry dad, letting it go. :o

Peter, was that the trip when some of the boys had a play with Genoa dockside JCBs etc late one night?

Tony Breach 18th December 2009 10:10

Would very much appreciate it if someone could give me a date for the TETELA - GREEN ISLAND collision.

Tom Inglis 18th December 2009 10:45


Originally Posted by Tony Breach (Post 386697)
Would very much appreciate it if someone could give me a date for the TETELA - GREEN ISLAND collision.

I was with Fyffes for about 14 months between taking mates and master's ticket in Liverpool. I did about 6 months on Telde starting in Bremen and then out to Almerante then spells on east coast USA then over to the West coat from Central American to LA and Seattle. Back to UK via Jamaica, Sept1964. The master on Telde was Capt Gilbert, can't remember the Mates name, second mate was Bob Yell and i was third mate. Then sailed on Golfito for six trips and the master there was Capt Young the Ulsterman who lived in Liverpool.
Re Tetela collision I can't throw any light on that.
re Chicanoa, that name brings back memories of one summer Sunday afternoon 1963 on Otterspool Prom with my girl friend [subsequently wife ] seeing Chicanoa heading down river from Garston no doubt heading for WI or WA.
Happy days . I did enjoy my brief interlude in Fyffes.

Tom Inglis

Ron Stringer 18th December 2009 16:41


Originally Posted by Tom Inglis (Post 386713)
............ Then sailed on Golfito for six trips and the master there was Capt Young the Ulsterman who lived in Liverpool.

Capt Young relieved on the Golfito for one trip whilst I was there. A humourless soul and everyone was extremely glad when the regular Master, GM Roberts, returned from leave.

Peter Trodden 18th December 2009 22:19

Ian, you jogged my memory box about that dockside incident. We came thru the main gate heading for the ship, when one of the lads spots a large fork lift truck,keys still in it,so he shouts Taxi and we all jumpt onboard.Near the gangway we bailed out but the driver miscalculated the hight of the fork tower to cargo shed awnings. Quite a Bang,but being a good A/B he stayed at the wheel.So Ian you must have been there when the charter ended and we went over to Kingston, Jam.,(the bananas was 3p a ton cheaper than Tiko)when we topped off in Port Antonio,on sailing day it was the j/n eng.,s birthday. I dont know if it was the Rum&coke or the Ganga smoke but the engineroom was not answering the bridge telegraph and we nearly ran aground on Errol Flynn,s Island. A name has just popped into my head, was the birthday boys name Brian Flower-Ellis? I miss that life, but what memorys All the best for Xmass IAN.

Bob McColl 19th December 2009 04:05

was Bill Mason the 2nd engineer on her

Basil 20th December 2009 10:35


the engineroom was not answering the bridge telegraph
Sorry about that :o

Now you've jogged MY memory - yes, Flower-Ellis. I'd forgotten his Christian name because we all referred to him as 'Flower'. Blub Henderson was Chief Engineer and there was a bit of a row over a comely lass who was being pursued by Flower.
His rival for her affections spotted him in my cabin and, next thing, the contents of a bucket of sudjie shot through my open porthole. We were close to Garston and the CE was keen that I should clean up my cabin before the superintendent engineer saw it (Jester)

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