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DURANGO 2nd February 2015 17:24

Pilcomayo and Potaro
Is there anyone about who had the good fortune to sail in the old Pilcomayo or the equable splendid Potaro we where 3 in a cabin in both of these ships the run made up for the lousy accommodation and the food,having said that what I would give for one more voyage in either of these old girls regards to all hands .

Malcolm S 6th February 2015 18:06

My first ship was the Pampas, looking back it was a 'bucket'! but had quite a story to tell regarding its history.


E.Martin 7th February 2015 13:27

I Did one trip on the Potaro to the Caribbean and Spanish Main April 1954.

DURANGO 9th February 2015 07:50


Originally Posted by E.Martin (Post 1266258)
I Did one trip on the Potaro to the Caribbean and Spanish Main April 1954.

I was in her as AB in 1964 same run as you she was chatty but happy we broke down just before we entered the locks outward bound so we got an extra night alongside ,the wheel house window came in homeward bound chippy fixed a peice of board in place , we had 2 lifeboats smashed up arrived in Liverpool and paid off they wanted us to take her round to London but as I say in the end they decided to pay us off, before we left the ship 2 liferafts where fitted for all that it was not a bad ship best regards to all hands .

MrWensleydale 16th February 2017 13:56

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My father was Junior Engineer on Potaro from 45 - 46 or 47. My sister is currently scanning his diary and we're researching the ship and where it went. We know it was sold to a Greek company in 65 and re-named Aristipos, and from there we think it was sold for scrap in 1970.

I know it's a long way back, but it would be great to hear from any crew members, or family of crew members. Any photos would also be nice to see. There seems to be 3 or 4 photos of her on the internet, I attach a couple of my father from late 45 or early 46. Unfortunately my father died in 1973 when my sister and myself were very young.

His name was William Jones. Thanks!

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