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Ian Norman 30th September 2005 15:08

Houlder Brothers Crews & Ships
Anyone around from Houlders, would be great to hear how you are doing.

R58484956 30th September 2005 17:31

Welcome to the site Norman,I am sure you will find someone here who sailed with them. Enjoy the site and the banter, we do.

Doug Rogers 30th September 2005 23:04

Welcome to the site, there are almost certainly some members who sailed with them as I think you will shortly find out.

Derek Roger 16th October 2005 16:09

Hi Ian ;
A good friend of mine was with Houlders during the time re refer to . He is not a member as yet but I shall work on him if you know him . Willie Lauchlin Engineer .

david smith 16th October 2005 21:53

An officer from Houlders latter days - welcome and enjoy!

Ian Norman 19th October 2005 16:03

Hi Derek,
That sure rings a bell !! Can you ask him if he served on a Houlders tanker that was on charter to Shell Oil....I think it was called the Imperial Transport.
Kind regards

Ian Norman 19th October 2005 16:04

Thank you David

John Edward Tomlinson 2nd November 2005 22:48


Originally Posted by Ian Norman
Hi Derek,
That sure rings a bell !! Can you ask him if he served on a Houlders tanker that was on charter to Shell Oil....I think it was called the Imperial Transport.
Kind regards

Have just posted a jpeg of the Imperial Transport.Sailed in her Feb to May 1960.
John Edward Tomlinson (Hull)

Derek Roger 3rd November 2005 00:17

Ill be talking to Willie in the next few days and shall ask him re the tanker .
Cheers Derek

non descript 22nd November 2005 00:32


I served with Houlders from 1965 to 1976 when I left the sea-staff and joined their chartering department (still at 52 Leadenhall Street). Looking at your various posts it seems we have been on the same ships, but at different times.

Kind regards

kev 22nd November 2005 09:45

Hi Ian

Do you have any photo's of the James Cook?


Tim Smith 24th November 2005 02:43

Houlders officers
Hi All
I sailed on various ships, last being 3rd mate on the CLYDESDALE on her 2nd or 3rd trip. Can't remember any names but believe the old man was the one who later went with the Royston Grange.

Tim Smith 24th November 2005 02:45

Would appreciate any photos of the WESTBURY which I was on from dec 66 to Jan 68. The mate was called Derek and came from Fleetwood.

Robinj 15th December 2005 00:32

Hi Ian, I sailed as a sparkes on Four of Houlders Ore Carriers at various times between 1963 and 1967.

B.Bass 15th December 2005 05:43

Hi Ian also sailed with Houlders but a bit after your time,1972 to 1986

wa002f0328 15th December 2005 19:02

Hi Ian
I sailed in Houlders on the Rippingham Grange, great trip ( 1959-60) also one trip on Mable Warwick she was a bad sea ship, but we got there and back, cheers Bill atkins

non descript 15th December 2005 19:54

Hello Bill, you were probably ahead of me, as I see it was 1970 when I was on "Mabel Warwick" - maybe I was lucky, but I don't remember being any more seasick on her than the "Oregis".

jordiboy 15th December 2005 20:27

Hi did three trips on Oreosa, 1961/62

janbonde 16th December 2005 16:49

Did they once have a tanker called Clutha River I remember while in Curacao a couple of seamen who had missed their ship came on board the Panamanian ship I was on looking for a berth

non descript 16th December 2005 17:05

Jan, they did indeed have a tanker called “Clutha River” – I can recall two stories that give an insight into her unique character: (a) she had a cracked stern-shaft at one stage which meant that she could not be run astern without the risk of the entire shaft and propeller taking off on its own…. and (b) during a transit of the Panama Canal she developed a small leak from one of the rivets in the shell plating, so the mate decided action was required in the form of a bosun’s chair, and someone in it with a large hammer to “flatten the rivet and make it oil tight again”. A goodish plan except that the first blow landed on the rivet head and instead of making it into an oiltight mushroom, it drove the entire rivet at speed into the cargo tank, thereby making a small weeping leak into a large oily trickle. A sort of “boy and his finger in the dyke in reverse”. The Canal Authority was un-amused, but late at night they missed the offending ship which made good its escape leaving a trail behind her…

albertwebster 16th December 2005 20:52

I had an uncle who was, I believe a skipper (sorry Captain!) with Houlders during the 1950 - 1960s. His name was Gordon Clark and I believe he went under the nickname of Nobby, (as all Clark's did). Is there anyone who remembers him and can name which ships he sailed on?

glenn 19th December 2005 01:08

was with Houlders from 78 til 82 deck boy to AB

Bob Davies 20th December 2005 16:04

Hi there,
I sailed on two (I think) of Houlders ships.One was my first ship - Oregis - then a couple of years later I was on the Bidford Priory (Houlders with charter to BP).
I`m pretty sure that Nobby Clark was the captain on the Priory.If I remember correctly
he was the Captain when we lost a steward over the wall - he was very very cut up about that and took it very seriously/badly

R58484956 20th December 2005 16:16

Welcome Bob to SN enjoy the site and all it has to offer and a merry christmas to you.

albertwebster 20th December 2005 19:46

Ahoy Bob,

could you give me any dates when you were on the Bidford Priory,

thanks, Albert Webster.

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