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lagerstedt 13th November 2005 07:30

Can any identify the ussc ships berthed in Lyttleton
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Can any member identify two of the three ships in Lyttleton. Photo taken 1966. One ship is the Wahine what are the others.

Blair Lagerstedt

KPC 13th November 2005 08:36

Wiamea to left of Wahine ?

flyer682 25th November 2005 07:43

Could be any one of a number of "slow greens" - a bit hard to sure without a little more detail.

KPC 26th November 2005 01:46

David...try this toy..I find it invaluable...

Jan Hendrik 26th November 2005 03:59

Thanks for the tip KPC, I installed it right away.
So for all those oldies over 50 (haha), now if you forgot your reading glasses, you always got them on the screen.

KPC 26th November 2005 07:32

How do I get the message to all SN folk re magnifier ? A general alert type do I tell everyone about it ...Please advise

flyer682 26th November 2005 09:26


Originally Posted by KPC
How do I get the message to all SN folk re magnifier ? A general alert type do I tell everyone about it ...Please advise

Suggest you put a post in the Computers and Internet Forum.

zsimone 27th November 2005 09:03

I have got to agree with KPC and say that it is possibly the Waimea. She was a regular runner into Lyttleton around the time this photo would have been taken. Possibly on the steel run Sydney, Newcastle, Port Kembla.

KPC 27th November 2005 11:05

Used to lay at #3 Wharf. I did three trips on Wiamea including bringing a circus from Sydney to Lyttelton...think it was Sole Bros...Deck cargo of assorted beasts...with the usual load of steel below. Wiamea was a real work horse on the Sth Island steel run...mainly dunedin crowd. Hard yakka and a mongrel to clew up..they were the days

Chris Field 27th November 2005 15:09

I was also on Waimea (Third Mate) 1959-60- but I think the ship in the picture is more likely to be the Karamu. Any offers?

zsimone 28th November 2005 04:08

Re Waimea.
Hi All,
I also sailed on the Waimea as Deck Boy, Ordinary Seaman, A.B. and Bosun.
As stated she was a work. horse She normaly was a hard one to clew up as she at times had a lot of deck cargo . No 3 gear was a problem as it was ratchet gear and I have seen a derrick come down rather quickly. She did have a regular core of South Islanders on her who had been in her for years one in particular cannot remember his christian name but surname was Harris.He was out of Dunedin. The Masters if my memory serves me right were Captains Pugh Williams. Brayshay, and Rideout,cannot remember 4th one. I had a soft spot for her as she always seemed to be a happy one to sail on.She was on the Melbourne South Island Run for a long time until replaced by Waikare another great job. The Waimea then went out of Wellington for a while and then ventured North out of Tauranga with Paper.
She also seemed to carry a lot of livestock in the tween deck aft plus the horse stalls. She was in the Company from 1953 To 1975.

lagerstedt 28th November 2005 05:22

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I have attached three additional photo's taken day which may assist you in identifing the ship. There was a blue star ship in port as well as two other ussc ships and a local coaster which has the accomodation aft. Maybe you can ID all ships in port that day. We were at the tanker wharf astern of the Danish tanker Tuborg. Would the Lyytleton Harbour Board still have records of which ships that were in port about that time. Trouble is I cannot remember what day it was, altough the month was around July 1966 or 67. My old notes say that some of the crew on the ship I was on were going to walk off over time off and leave etc. Not to sure what the outcome was but we did sail for New Plymonth and into a storm on entering Cook Strait.

Blair Lagerstedt

KPC 28th November 2005 08:21

The vessel at Gladsone Pier could be WH Orbell ..a dredger.
What was ship you were on ?

KPC 28th November 2005 08:24

You were laying at the Cattle Jetty..the Tanker I cannot read name of....have a few contacts in the village and will try to get this sorted for you

KPC 28th November 2005 08:26

Gary....hello. The Bosun was Jan...........when I was starring...a Dutch Gent....and a good bloke.

KPC 28th November 2005 08:28

Belay previous by two...Tanker name Tuborg...a top wee drop. I will use as indicator in deeper search...

KPC 28th November 2005 08:39
Have a look at the webcams all you home sick ex British,Canterbury, Saxon, Royal, Mitre, Empire Hotel folk...quiz..what was the name of the Pub over the road from Priskies ?

zsimone 28th November 2005 09:36

The USS CO Vessel looks very much like either the Kaimai or the Konini.

zsimone 28th November 2005 09:42


Jan was his surname De Costa


Jan Hendrik 28th November 2005 09:51

If he is Dutch, then his surname would be : de Koster, pronounced something like de costa indeed.

lagerstedt 29th November 2005 05:53

I was on a old Mine-weeper Called the "Inverall". We were doing a fisheries inspection and training run ex Auckland to Timaru via East Cape and returning to Auckland via Lyttleton, Picton, New Plymonth and the North Cape. From what I can remember and looking at some of the old photos the wx Auckland to Auckland was good. The one spoiler was Cook Strait to New Plymonth. During that section the wx was so bad we had saftey ropes etc rigged around the deck. I have somewhere a photo of me on the wheel which is hard to port and we are still heading starboard and to make matters even more interesting the bridge was awash. The old Port Line ship, Port Invercargill was in New Plymonth along with some old dredgers from Holland. It must have been the last time the Port Invercargill was in NZ before being trapped because of the war in the middle east.

Blair Lagerstedt

KPC 29th November 2005 06:46

Thanks for that Blair....I will see what I can find out for you.......sounds like you had an interesting time of it....I was once traversing Cook Strait West to East...on the old Holmlea........massive seas and all the rest...took out a window in wheelhouse...passed Oriana hove to ! I think she was waiting for things to settle down to get into Wellington....but it makes a good story. Huge combers rolling through and such a tiny

KPC 29th November 2005 06:49

PS...Holmlea had direct chain steering to quadrant...hard yakka for sure...

Butters 1st December 2005 04:30

As a born & bred Lytteltonian for 30 Years before moving north. Iwould say the pub over the road from Priskies was the Albion the other corner a Fish & chip shop and where the new Post office waqs built was once a block of flats where my parents lived in 1949-51 before building

Butters ( Lindsay Butterfield)

KPC 1st December 2005 04:42 get the biscuit ! The fish & Chip shop was Talleys

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