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cshortridge73 21st October 2012 14:40

A "pc" Attack
You know folks the "BIG BOYS" ....'referring to the big battlewagons & cruisers'....they were certainly worth there 'salt' goodness we couldn't have won a war without them....but what about the little "Piss Cutters"...'which is what we use to call the "Sub Chasers" that was protection to the convoys? Did you ever hear alot about them?? Probably not.

Well let me tell you...if you were a merchant seaman....and on a freight hauler...liberty...or tanker of some sort....these little puddle jumpers of a 'PC' ...were you're best "Guard Dog" to have buzzing around your convoy....snapping at the German Sub's that were 'Always' lurking in the gray waters....waiting to send a "hot fish" into your ship.

So...this article titled: A "PC" ATTACK!!!
is a short story of what "usually" takes place when a "Sub" is spotted. It is somewhat of a lighthearted short story of how a group of Navy guys handle a 'sub situation' .....this story is not specific in a particular "PC"...but it does provide a little drama on how everything is carried out.

Hope you enjoy!!!

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