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donsal 24th November 2018 17:32

Ocean Monarch
I was a passenger on the OM in 1970 from Sydney to Southampton. Very memorable trip, collision at sea, Damaged hull, very bad list , boiler problems, no aircon, electricity failure, patched up in Canary Islands before struggling to Southampton. Anyone recall ?

Varley 24th November 2018 18:27

What a lucky chap. The premium service.

David Wilcockson 24th November 2018 19:12

Some people get all the best voyages!

CliveH 24th November 2018 20:33

I find this most confusing. I wrote the book 'The Last White Empresses', which was published by Carmania Press in 2004. As part of my research for the book I spent a lot of hours in Guildhall Library in the City of London. I have copies of the Voyage Record Cards for the last 3 Canadian Pacific ships and also for the Empress of England as Ocean Monarch. I can see that Ocean Monarch departed Sydney on the 11th August 1970 and she made calls at Melbourne on the 13th, Adelaide on the 15th and Fremantle on the 18th. She crossed the Indian Ocean to Durban and arrived there on the28th and sailed the following day. She was in Cape Town on 31st August and sailed from there on 1st September. She was in Las Palmas on the 11th and then the card indicates that something happened on the 14th but there is no note as to what that 'casualty' might have been, it cannot have been anything untoward as she arrived in Southampton the next day. Unfortunately, on the 18th she sailed for the Cammel-Laird shipyard. The story of Shaw Savill may have been rather different had she not done so.
Anyway, I can see no record of that particular voyage from Sydney to Southampton being anything other than a regular, and uneventful, line voyage.

donsal 24th November 2018 21:37

Re Ocean Monarch 1970
The dates quoted are correct. When leaving Sydney we were told that the stabilisers were damaged. The incident took place between Cape Town and Las Palmas. The ship developed a severe list during the night, the crew quarters were flooded. Some people were wearing lifejackets. The aircon failed causing problems for passengers on the lower decks
( This ship was built for the North Atlantic). A boiler problem caused a hot water discharge through the funnel which came down on passengers on deck. Passengers stayed up on deck all night to see the ship safely into Las Palmas where divers were sent down to inspect damage. Very memorable voyage.

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