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Dave Crooks 12th May 2019 19:07

Peter Crooks ex Stricks
Does anyone remember my father Peter Crooks (possibly nicknamed Peewee) 2nd Engineer in Stricks 1960 - 1970ish. He passed away last year after a good life. My mother (Mary) and I travelled with him a couple of times. On I think the MV Baharistan one of the other officers was called Peter Carrick, although I can’t recall a rank. I remember the Sarang making me a minature boiler suit so I could help my dad. Also the gong sounding for dinner. Prior to Stricks he served his time at Fraser and Chalmers, then possibly Blue Star(Funnel?) then Bank line. He went to the Naval School at Poplar. (Does that still exist, also where would I find records of attendance?). That’s all I know really. I don’t know if any of his crew mates remember him or indeed are still living but nice to read the threads anyway. All the best to everyone. Dave

Mexico1971 19th May 2019 21:59

Yep I knew your father, sorry to hear of his passing.
I sailed with him on MV Cloverbank in 1979. He was 2nd eng. that trip we were in Bangkok and we had the dance troop “Pans People” on board. Him and the Chief didn’t get on he did keep himself to himself.
Hope that’s of interest

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