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Michael Taylor 10th February 2019 15:02

Cammell Lairds
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We are in the process of updating one of our Galleries at the New Bedford Whaling Museum here in Massachusetts. On the wall is this Whaler in Cammell Lairds Birkenhead. Brings back memories of time spent there during my Ellerman days.

Barrie Youde 10th February 2019 16:10

How splendid, Michael!

Thank you.

Can you give any further detail? Ship? Artist? Date?

Michael Taylor 10th February 2019 17:00


Originally Posted by Barrie Youde (Post 2968135)
How splendid, Michael!

Thank you.

Can you give any further detail? Ship? Artist? Date?

Barrie, I shall get it all for you, am a Docent there Friday. Can see no artist name but I can get into their files and maybe it is there.

Michael Taylor 10th February 2019 19:09

Barrie,museum let me know the answer. It is the Norweigian Factory Vessel the Kosmos about 1933. The artist is Stanly James Hugill. The vessel catchers are in the othe dock.

Barrie Youde 10th February 2019 19:56

Thank you, Michael!

I first learned the name of Stan Hugill in 1959 at the Outward Bound Sea School at Aberdovey. His exploits are well recorded her in SN.

During WW2 he was an AB in Blue Flue and was at the wheel when Autolycus (I think) was attacked and sunk by the Japanese in the South China Sea. He was Bosun at Aberdovey in 1959 when I was there - and I recall an equally splendid painting of his, showing the 4 masted barque Garthpool, the last deep-sea square-rig windjammer under the UK flag in about 1930. (Somebody will correct this date). The painting of Garthpool hung in the messroom at Aberdovey and I had no idea of the significance then, in 1959. I wonder where the Garthpool painting is now?

Hugill was a local man, here on Wirral, Merseyside- and he crossed the bar not all that long ago,

Repeated thanks for all your information!! - In later life (i.e. within the last five years) my own office was somewhere in the top right-hand corner of your whaler picture.


Stephen J. Card 11th February 2019 00:11

Cracker painting! Many thanks.


Michael Taylor 11th February 2019 13:50

Barrie, I shall pass that info. onto the museum when I get there. I do know that the painting was aquired by the Kendal Whaling Museum again here in Massachusetts. It was a great place but closed down and all its contents were moved to our Whaling Museum here in New Bedford. Thanks for the help.

Pat Kennedy 11th February 2019 21:13

Stan Hugill, was also very well known as a "Shanty" singer and author, as well as a painter. There are several of his sea shantys on You Tube as well as an imformative Wikipaedia article.
He was born in Hoylake , on The Wirral in 1906, and died in Aberystwith in 1992.
I have attached a you tube clip of one of his performances.

Im not a big fan of sea shantys, but at least those performed by Stan Hugill were authentic, and not some landlubber's romantic version of a life at sea.

As to the painting of the whaling factory ship in drydock at Laird's, I am struggling a bit to identify the dock. I think it must be No 7 dock which is adjacent to the wet basin, but the rest of the drydocks in the background seem to omit a pair of slipways with three big cantilever cranes which were there between 6 and 5 docks right up until the 1970s
Perhaps the artist used a bit of "licence"

Michael Taylor 12th February 2019 14:15

Thanks Pat.......

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